10 anime traitors who were secretly good


Reputation alone makes no one like anime double agents for good reason. At first sight, these seedy traitors were betraying their friends and family for their own benefit. However, not all of them are as villainous as assumed.

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In fact, in some complex and fascinating cases, these double agents were fighting all along for the right causes. It’s just that they either had to play the role of a villain or they got released later than some had hoped.

ATTENTION: spoilers ahead.

10 Hellsing Ultimate – Walter C. Dornez remembered his true loyalty before he died

At the time he was introduced, Walter was Sir Integra Hellsing’s loyal bodyguard and grandfather’s butler. The truth was, he was Millennium’s Mole in the Hellsing Organization and helped the Nazi vampires’ war effort from the start. It wasn’t because he was a Nazi, but because he wanted to fight the original vampire Alucard.

Walter got what he wanted and even got younger, but it was useless because not only could he not defeat Alucard, but Alucard also died for Schrödinger. It was only then that Walter realized that he had wasted a good life on his pride. Before he burned in the Major’s Zeppelin, Walter killed Herr Doktor and destroyed Millennium’s Vampire Research.

9 Dragon Ball Z – Vegeta became a hero when he dropped his ego

Vegeta flies towards the cell in Dragon Ball Z

Even before Son Goku used the Dragon Balls to revive him and the people killed during Frieza’s rampage, Vegeta was prone to stabbing both allies and opponents in the back whenever it suited him. In a short time Vegeta betrayed his comrade Nappa, the Frieza Force, to which he was called up, Son Goku, the Z Fighters and Babidi.

Although the details of each betrayal differ, they were all motivated by Vegeta’s need to prove his superiority to Son Goku. Vegeta’s time as a double agent finally came to an end when he realized that he was wasting his second life on pointless thoughts of revenge.

8th Tokyo Ghoul – Kishou Arima wanted to end the war between man and ghoul

Arima looks out over the city in Tokyo Ghoul

Arima was one of the most prominent agents of the Counter Ghoul Commission, and he even personally directed some of the Pigeon’s attacks on ghoul hideouts. The big twist was not only that he was actually sympathetic to the oppressed ghouls, but that Arima, as a one-eyed owl, actively supported the ghouls’ emancipation efforts.

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In public, Arima was a seedy agent for both the CCG and the Secret V, as well as a brainwashed Ken Kanekis handler. Behind the scenes, he worked with his supposed ghoul rival Eto to overthrow V. After manipulating and lied to Kaneki for so long, Arima took his own life instead of fighting Kaneki while also cementing his fate as the war ended.

7th Lupine III – Fujiko Mine (somewhat) respected its fellow master thieves

Fujiko enjoys married life in Lupine III Part V.

Fujiko may be a constant thorn in the side of Lupin’s gang, but she’s not a cold-hearted villain who is actively trying to kill her. At worst, Fujiko was the unreliable rival of the gang who would get in the way of her and anyone else when it came to making a quick buck and escaping. But even though she kept using Lupine, Fujiko still had a conscience.

Despite their betrayals and lies, Fujiko really took care of Lupine and his crew. Again and again she refrained from selfish escape in order to help them. This was most extreme when she married Lupine in Part 5. She only returned to the life of a double agent because she and Lupine had a friendly breakup after being bored with domestic life.

6th Neon Genesis Evangelion – Ryoji Kaji was only after the truth

Kaji shoots while rebuilding Evangelion

On paper, Kaji was working for NERV as a special inspector. Officially, however, he replied to both SEELE and Japan’s National Security Agency. While hired by all three factions to aid their respective agendas, Kaji’s true loyalty was to himself. For him, the only thing that really mattered was finding out the truth.

Kaji wanted to know whether or how SEELE and people like Gendo Ikari were connected to the apocalyptic Second Impact and whether they were trying to start another. Prior to his assassination, Kaji revealed SEELE and Gendo’s plans to initiate the Third Impact and gave this important discovery to his old lover, Misato Katsuragi.

5 Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex – The laughing man really believed in justice

The laughing man makes a public statement at Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex

Six years ago, a mysterious person known only as The Laughing Man emerged and declared war on ruling class corruption by publicly humiliating the CEO of Serano Genomics and forcing him to confess to his corporate crimes. In the years after that, The Laughing Man reappeared to create chaos and terror, although that was never their intention.

The real Laughing Man was Aoi, a hacktivist with a strong, if zealous, sense of justice. After the Serano incident, he lay down when others were using his alias to commit their own crimes. Though they hunted him, Aoi Section 9 helped expose deep corruption while carefully playing them, the corporations, and the Japanese government out of the shadows.

4th Kill La Kill – Satsuki Kiryuin secretly rebelled against her mother

Satsuki is waiting for her time in Kill La Kill

Since her mother was the boss of the powerful Recovs Corporation and chairman of the board of directors of the Honnoji Academy, it was not wrong to assume that Satsuki was following in her mother’s footsteps. Satsuki was the head of the Honnoji Academy’s student council, and with her power and name she has imposed an iron rule on the student body and other schools.

Satsuki, however, was never faithful to Ragyo; she only used her mother’s influence and resources to overthrow her. Satsuki discovered that Ragyo had plans to sell humanity to the alien Life Fibers, and she has been building a rebel army ever since. Halfway through, Satsuki literally stabbed Ragyo in the back and sided with the Nudist Beach rebels.

3 One Piece – Nico Robin played both sides for the sake of survival

Robin presents himself as Miss All Sunday in One Piece

When the Straw Hats first met Robin, she was part of the criminal syndicate Baroque Works. Under the code name Ms. All Sunday, Robin served as Vice President of Crocodile not out of loyalty but for practical reasons. Unsurprisingly, no one (Crocodile in particular) trusted her, especially given her alleged past of betraying everyone she met.

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Throughout the Arabasta Arc, Robin helped both sides so often that it wasn’t difficult to dismiss them as untrustworthy jokers. The truth was that she only did this for her survival as her tough childhood taught her to take care of herself. When the Straw Hats defeated and freed Crocodile, Robin joined them and was finally true to himself.

2 Naruto – Itachi Uchiha became a villain for the sake of peace

Itachi activates his Sharingan in Naruto

As far as everyone was concerned, Itachi fell on the dark side and slaughtered his entire clan for the sake of power. However, the truth was far more complex and tragic than it seemed. In short, the Uchiha massacre was actually a twisted form of mercy killing as they wanted to spark a civil war in Konoha until Itachi stopped them.

From that point on, Itachi helped terrorists and renegade ninjas spy on them for the benefit of the Konoha government. Although Itachi was publicly branded a criminal, everything he did was in the name of maintaining peace and order. Unfortunately, his failure to tell anyone about it resulted in Sasuke getting almost angry and not returning.

1 Code Geass – Lelouch Vi Britannia was serious about world peace

Lelouch plays darts in Code Geass

When Lelouch said his real goal was to achieve world peace, he did not lie. The problem is that the war for Japan’s independence from the British Empire forced him to literally lie to everyone. With Geass and his ingenious intellect, Lelouch manipulated everyone to obey his orders – even if he burned bridges in the process.

Whether it was his loyal Black Knights or close friends like Suzaku or Kallen, Lelouch lied to everyone in order to keep his truly heroic, if dodgy, intentions a secret. This was best seen in preparation for his final move, Zero Requiem, where Lelouch “betrayed” his allies in order to get the world to hate him for becoming a power-hungry dictator.

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