2 questions Bond producers ask before any 007 film


After Daniel Craig’s last Bond film “No Time to Die” finally hits US theaters this weekend, the masterminds of the successful franchise, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, have come to discuss the two questions that the Origin of the Craig Era of Agent 007.

Craig’s arrival came with an immense makeover of the Bond series, when Broccoli, Wilson, and their team at Eon Productions re-engineered 2006 Casino Royale to better reflect the gritty spy films of the 2000s such as the Jason Bourne saga. This constant reinvention by Bond has allowed the franchise to last 25 films over nearly six decades, and Broccoli and Wilson say the reinvention builds on two questions they always ask themselves before starting work on a new 007- Title begin.

“1. What will the world be scared of in two or three years when the movie comes out? And 2. What emotional and personal challenges does Bond face? The combination of those two things means we’re doing something new every time, ”Broccoli told CNN (via ScreenRant).

An example of these two questions at work can be found in Craig’s acclaimed 2012 film “Skyfall”. Produced at a time when hacktivist groups like Anonymous and LulzSec were making headlines and the issue of Internet privacy along with social media was on the rise, Bond encounters a former MI6 spy turned hacker who attaches himself to Bond’s boss M. The film also ties in with the personal relationship Bond and M had developed during the previous two films.

“Of course it turned out to be four years ago because of COVID,” said Wilson. You need to get out your crystal ball and make a prick on it. In this particular case, I think we’re pretty close to what’s bothering the world. “

“No Time to Die” was originally scheduled to hit theaters in April 2019, but was pushed back after Danny Boyle left the director’s chair and was replaced by Cary Joji Fukunaga. It was then canned and ready for release in April 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced several more delays up until this month.

But the wait seems to have been worth it, as MGM and Universal reported on Saturday that the film is on track for an opening weekend in the UK of over $ 30 million and a worldwide opening of $ 113 million in 54 countries which is both the highest opening weekends for any movie since the pandemic began. “No Time to Die” hits American cinemas on October 8th.

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