3 detained by Hyderabad Police


Hyderabad Police have arrested two Nigerians and a woman from Manipur in connection with the Mahesh Credit Union hacking case. The three individuals hacked into the bank servers and transferred Rs 12.9 crore from three main accounts to around 128 bank accounts across India.

They were taken into custody by Bengaluru on Monday evening and transferred to Hyderabad on Tuesday.

The city’s criminal investigation department, which was investigating, identified many account holders who received the money, including three people from New Delhi. The police arrested her and took her to Hyderaba.

Meanwhile, after receiving information about account holders, the special teams deployed to investigate went to different states to identify and question them. Police also noted that some of the account holders who received the money are unaware of the transactions or that an account exists in their name with the relevant bank.

Earlier, Hyderabad City Police Commissioner CV Anand said that the bank did not have adequate cybersecurity, which led to the hackers giving an opportunity to siphon off the funds. Of the Rs 12 crore transferred to various accounts, the Municipal Police managed to freeze Rs 3 crore.

The police also registered a case of negligence against the bank, stating that when it operates such a large bank, it is the bank’s minimum responsibility to provide adequate security for the bank accounts.


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