3 Thousands of smartphones hacked by former US intelligence officials


Three mercenaries carried out hacker attacks on behalf of the United Arab Emirates.

Three former US intelligence agencies have agreed to pay a fine of $ 1.68 million after a criminal investigation by the US Department of Justice, according to Reuters.

Three mercenaries, Mark Bear, Ryan Adams and Daniel Xerox, provided hacking services on behalf of the United Arab Emirates. All three had previously worked for intelligence agencies or the US military. Xerox was also the CIO of the ExpressVPN VPN service.

“Project Raven”

The news agency also said the three were working as part of a clandestine unit called “Project Raven,” which was helping the United Arab Emirates spy on its enemies around the world. Name the former NSA officer who was the director of Project Raven.

The agreement reached with the judiciary will enable the defendants to avoid criminal charges if they comply with the terms.

The return of karma

Their hacking tool, known as “Karma,” was able to remotely hack an iPhone without taking or knowing about any specific action. Thousands of phones are said to be affected by this tool. Including political opponents of the United Arab Emirates regime, journalists and human rights defenders.

The US Department of Justice has repeatedly warned that all three are subject to their job security services and require special licenses from the US government. Brian Forndiran, assistant director of the FBI’s web division, said he wanted to send a clear message: “Anyone, including former US government employees, who intend to use cyberspace to mine export-restricted information for the benefit of foreign trade or the government – risks and risks have consequences. I

Bayer will pay the bulk of the fine – $ 750,000, and according to the Justice Department – Adams and Xerox will pay $ 600,000 and $ 335,000, respectively. All three defendants agreed to quit their jobs in US or foreign security jobs and to cooperate fully with the FBI.


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