5 points in response to criticism of my support for Chloe Swabrick


Punters have taken note of my support for Chloe while juxtaposing it with my criticism of her bright, middle-class demeanor and said, “Gosh, what’s up”.

First – Chloe is a unique talent. I was amazed by her when she ran for mayor of Auckland. She speaks with the energy of the new generation of voters in a language that empowers and challenges. She is an incredible communicator and if she had the lead she could dominate the political debate. A candidate of their skill is a rarity.

Secondly – Sure, Chloe woke up, but she manages it in a way that’s not alien. As a class leftist, I see identity as an important personal journey that takes you into politics, but I feel that identity politics is terribly constrained when it comes to winning the Democratic 51% given its most strident supporters in the Cancel -Cultivated landscape manage to make progress that is as alienating as a cold cup of vomit. Class solidarity can reach 51%, identity politics risks a mere temple over the broader church, and you end up with endless divisions and little to show for it. I think Chloe understands that.

Third – What could be more radical than the youngest political leader in New Zealand history?

Fourth – Chloe’s secret superpower is her ability to do something no other politician can – beat David Seymour in a debate. With ACT and increasing political radicalization, she has the ability to fight a battle with David Seymour that no one else can handle.

Fifth – She speaks for and connects with almost everyone under the age of 30. If she were leader, she could unleash a youth quake that would give her the mandate to force change on Jacinda.

Imagine Jacinda as prime minister with Chloe as deputy. Imagine the political platform of truly transformative change that a government with this kind of leadership could actually achieve?

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Unless someone else is starting a new left-wing political party or wants to bring Hone MANA back, Jacinda + Chloe are our top picks for progression.

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