An Indian ethical hacker, writer, Shubham Mishra, works his way to the top


In the evolving world of technology and everyone moving towards artificial intelligence, there is a saying, “Use technology before it uses you.” What does that mean? It simply means that it will protect your technology before someone else uses it to get to you.

The internet knows everything we do, it keeps track of everything we search for and say, in short, it is a diary that knows us better than we do. Anyone good enough to hack this diary can join our personal data get to each of us. But is it possible to go back to a time when there were no computers and no internet, just hard documentation kept in a locker? No right? It is impossible to go backwards or move people forward in this race.

Where everyone is becoming global, it is only fair enough to be able to access work from anywhere in the world. We can’t be tied to a chair or cubicle, so uploading anything to software or cold storage is a key to staying ahead of everyone. So that we can access our work anytime, anywhere. How can you make everything safe in an immaterial space? In this new era of working from home, how we protect our business data from hackers or keep it from being eaten by a virus by Corse, we cannot adapt every employee’s laptop to the company’s needs.

This is where the role of cybersecurity comes into play. If we want to be ahead of everyone we have to keep it safe or else an email or message or phone call and everything is gone. But what services are good for business? Do all sectors need similar cybersecurity tools? Which is the best cyber security tool for your company?

TOAE SECURITY offers solutions for such questions in this technology-driven age with increasing cyber security. His team is led by India’s ethical hacker Shubham Mishra.

He (Founder, Director & Chief Executive Officer) is one of the youngest cybersecurity experts and ethical hackers in India with 10 years of experience in the field of hacking and cybersecurity. He has been in the field since his youth and now offers cyber security training for public, private and government agencies, he claims. A millennial of modern India, he’s a businessman, avid reader, and big tech freak. Raised in the Internet age, he is a curious person and loves to understand the how-tos of the technology that surrounds him. Highly motivated by self-made entrepreneurs such as JRD Tata, Narayan Murthy, Azim Premji, to name just a few, he founded his own company TOAE Security Pvt. Ltd in 2017, helping organizations identify their backgrounds and compete in the highly competitive market. He is known for his knowledge of cybersecurity and his methods of dealing with the issues related to it without breaking the flow. In his spare time, he either meets up with books, spends time with the family, or watches football.

With the same vision, TOAE Securities has worked with over 500 clients in five years. Their customer base includes multiple macros, micro and cross-border organizations. Solve data breach threats for businesses across the country.

Since every customer has different requirements for their business, the company promises to provide them with robust security features. Therefore, it does not have pre-packaged packages as services, but they customize their services to the needs of their customers, taking into account that in the evolving artificial intelligence, each company has its own requirements or the services change depending on the type of industry.

The company says it gives priority to the needs of the customer as it believes customers are its greatest achievement. It does this by examining the vulnerabilities of its customers’ computers and websites against possible cyber threats and developing a one-sheet solution to neutralize these threats in advance while keeping the company’s most valuable assets safe and secure. For the same task, they have a dedicated research and development team so that they can devote themselves personally to each customer and fully meet their needs.

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