Anonymous Announces More EPIK Host Data; “bigger than previous leak”


The latest EPIK data leak, according to anonymous hackers, includes bootable disk images, API tokens, over 500,000 private keys, etc. – all in plain text format.

The hacktivist group Anonymous has released the second part of the data stolen from the controversial pro-right web hosting platform Epik.

As previously reported by, the previous leak was 180 GB of the company’s data, and the current one is even larger. The leak stems from Anonymous’ displeasure with Epik’s preference for affiliation with right-wing websites that the group classifies as extremists.

About the hack

The web hosting company Epik was targeted by the hacktivist collective Anonymous in two major attacks called Operation EPIK FAIL and EPIK FAIL the b-sides. The company was targeted for hosting the far-right social media profiles of Donald Trump, Gab and Parler.

SEE: Anonymous hacked the Texas Republican Anti-Abortion Party website can confirm that the data is now partially leaked by hackers. To date, Anonymous has disclosed the names, passwords, email IDs, physical addresses, and other personal information of over 18 million people.

Over 300 GB of Epik data has been leaked

According to a tweet from Monacelli, who first broke the news, Anonymous leaked more than 300 GB of data, which is much larger than their previous leak.

In his next tweet, Monacelli stated that the second data dump includes fully bootable disk images of Epik’s servers, including lots of API tokens and passwords. Part of the new data dump is around 70 GB of documents and many bootable disk images from “different systems” that represent the company’s server infrastructure, explained Monacelli.

Anonymous Announces More EPIK Host Data;

Press release from the hackers

Another security expert named Whiskey Neon posted: Video Representation of some epic VMs in action. However, according to the hackers, the content includes:

  • Domain purchases
  • Domain transfers
  • Whois history
  • DNS changes
  • Email forwarding, catch-alls, etc.
  • Payment history
  • Account credentials
  • Over 500,000 private keys
  • An employee’s mailbox
  • Git repositories
  • / home / and / root / directories of a core system
  • Bootable disk images

Response from the Epik CEO

Shortly after the violation was made public, in a four-hour Q&A meeting, Epik’s CEO Rob Monster tried to defend the company. However, his video conference was a bit unusual as he said prayers to defeat demons and stated that the hard drives containing the hacked data were cursed.

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