Anti-lockdown groups share the database with the principal’s contact information



ANTI-LOCKDOWN GROUPS share a large database of information on the principals of almost every elementary school in the country and encourage people to contact them to discuss their views on vaccination and the wearing of masks.

The list includes the names of over 3,100 primary school principals across Ireland, making up the vast majority of primary schools in the country. It lists the phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and email addresses of the schools and notes the local authority where the school is located.

There are also cell phone numbers for dozens of the directors on the list.

The database is shared into anti-lockdown groups on the Telegram messaging app, where people are encouraged to call school principals to get their opinion on Covid measures like masks for children and vaccines.

Telegram touted the database as a “leaked” document containing “every Irish Elementary School principal, name, email address, telephone number, etc.”

However, the document is not leaked, and the Ministry of Education publishes an updated version of the list on its website every year for public information.

The list is split into Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory News, and Telegram users are also directed to a website for instructions on how to use it. The website then asks them to join a WhatsApp group.

“Please share this message far and wide. We are hacktivists and we are not going to stop. Lots of love, ”says one of the advertising messages for the database.

Senator John McGahon said Telegram activity surrounding the list was “grim” and an example of “outright intimidation”.

“As if teaching wasn’t difficult enough during a pandemic, they now have to put up with these ‘online activists’ who have all the time in the world and obviously nothing better to do with that time, who are walking around making personal lists Details to address individual principals and their schools. It is totally and totally wrong and needs to be called out, ”said the Senator from Fine Gael.

Anti-Vaxxer and anti-lockdown groups must be called. Instead of relying on science, experts and empirical data, they choose wacky conspiracy theories that they read on the Internet.

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A spokesman for the data protection officer said that any organization that creates such a database must comply with data protection law.

The Commissioner asks everyone concerned to get in touch and provide further information.

The diary has asked the Ministry of Education for a comment.



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