Apex Legends hackers have been exposed as the same people behind the Titanfall attacks


In a bizarre twist, a group of so-called Titanfall fans were accused of being behind the “Save Titanfall” hack in Apex Legends, despite claiming it had nothing to do with them. The same people are also accused of destroying Titanfall 2 to revive Titanfall Online.

The Titanfall series and more recently Apex Legends have been repeatedly attacked by hackers and DoS’ers, making the Titanfall games largely unplayable for long periods of time.

While there was always confusion as to who was responsible, most believed that a lonely character named “Jeanue” was to blame.

While this could be the case for Titanfall 1, a series of Discord messages posted in a lengthy synopsis on the Save Titanfall website revealed that another group was behind the Titanfall 2 attacks, as well as Apex Legends.

Apex hackers “exposed”

YouTuber Upper Echelon posted a video over 20 minutes long on August 6th explaining the whole situation.

It is alleged that a member of the Titanfall community named “p0358” worked with other members of the Discord group “Remnant Fleet” to keep the Titanfall games “dead”.

Her motivation was to convince Respawn to hire her or hand over control of the servers in order to revive an abandoned project called Titanfall Online.

Discord messages between users p0358, RedShield, DogeCore and Mr. Steyk appear to show they are discussing the “Operation Titanfall” attack that took place on July 4th in Apex Legends.

News shows that RedShield, the administrator of the Remnant Fleet Discord, was talking about the Apex “advertising stunt” as early as February 2021.

Later, after the hack, p0358 and RedShield tried to make it very clear that they had nothing to do with the Apex Legends hack.

Screenshot via SaveTitanfall.com

RedShield reports back in February showed discussions about the Apex attack.

The same user was then quoted in a Eurogamer article about the hack asking Respawn directly to give him more control over the Titanfall servers. “I ask Respawn to permanently resolve the problem by granting us access and control over the Titanfall 1 servers, with permission to moderate, suspend and, if I may be so brave, even modify the game “, they said.

In particular, p0358 – which has now been exposed as part of this hacking group – posted a “solution” to fix Titanfall on July 27th. They claimed this was a simple solution Respawn could use and re-brought up the idea of ​​being hired. Some users even tipped them through PayPal for this work.

How to fix Titanfall
Twitter: p0358

The user known as p0358 was admired by the community for his Titanfall post “Solution”.

The Titanfall community praised this “solution” and its creator – but it seems they were primarily fooled by the person behind the hacks, which some actually predicted.

The group also appears to be behind an attack on an Apex Legends tournament that targets pro players who “deserve” for “grumbling about respawn investigating Titanfall”.

Apex Legends hackers

The Titanfall subreddit added fuel to the fire and removed one of its moderators, who was also exposed by the SaveTitanfall website as supporting the attacks and is helping to move p0358’s post on the subreddit.

“As a result of the evidence presented to us, the moderators of r / titanfall have removed u / hiticonic from the moderation team and are currently investigating,” the subreddit mods said.

RedShield answers

In a Discord message following the allegations, RedShield, Admin of Remnant Fleet said the “Article has been taken out of context to defame us” and “If someone wants to send me screenshots from the lists to my DMs, I will are happy to offer them context. There are just a lot of them that I have to search through, and I think that might help clear our name. “

RedShield Titanfall message

This is a bizarre twist in the story of Titanfall’s Ailments that is currently playable. Perhaps the usual suspects are busy with other things right now.


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