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Alright folks welcome to the latest review of laptops which are the best platforms and devices for hacking you need if you are starting out with this skill. First of all, this article is mainly intended for people who are new to this field of work, but even if you have experience in it, it will help you to identify and find the most suitable laptop for your needs. We’ll start with the introduction to hacking, what it is, what a laptop needs to be hacked, and how to become a good hacker.


Just a quick reminder, this post is for informational purposes only.

Hacking stands for the ability to identify weaknesses and weaknesses of a system and to gain access to it. This article is only for ethical hacking (the hacker has legal and legitimate permission to assess a target system’s security posture) and the best laptops for its use.

Aside from knowing what hacking really is, you should also know what types of hackers there are (yes, there are different types of hackers). And these types are in the following list:

white hat

black hat

GRey hat

script kiddie


The white hats are the good guys or the ethical hackers. Their task is to test the vulnerabilities of the respective system and thereby prevent possible malicious hacking attacks.

Black hat hacker are the bad guys who do not ask for permission to access the system data or structure, discover and probe its vulnerabilities and exploit them for financial gain or other malicious purposes.

Gray hats are not bad, not terrible, haha. They use their abilities to find the system’s weak points, but once they gain access to them, unlike the black hat hackers, they tend to use them for “good causes,” usually for a good cause .

script kiddie or skid is a relatively unskilled person who uses scripts or programs, such as a web shell, developed by others to attack computer systems and networks and deface websites, depending on the programming and hacking culture. It is widely believed that most scripting kiddies are teenagers who lack the ability to write sophisticated programs or exploits of their own.

hacktivists Are members of an organization or movement who use computer-assisted techniques, such as hacking, as a form of civil disobedience to further a political agenda or social change. Common targets for hacktivists are government agencies, multinational corporations, or any other entity perceived as “bad” or “wrong” by the hacktivist group or individual.


Before presenting you the list of the best hacking laptops, we explain what to look out for, what are the requirements and what they offer so that we can call them good for hacking.

The main specifications that a laptop must have so that you can easily use all the programs and software for hacking are:



graphic card

memory (optional)


Since you will be using a lot of virtual penetration software (virtual machines – commonly just VM for short). It is mostly recommended to have at least 8 GB of RAM, but the best option is to buy laptops with 16-32 GB of RAM.


For more multitasking, you need a high-end multi-core processor. It should have at least 6-8 cores. But of course not everyone has the money to buy one, so a 2-4 core processor will do most of the work as well.

graphic card

Most password hacking scripts use the GPU cores as processing power, which automatically means that a GPU with a higher number of cores will do the job much faster than a GPU with a smaller number of cores.

storage (which is an optional choice mainly depends on your money)

You don’t need much space for hacking, you will use programs and software that don’t take up much space like games or similar. The most important thing is to have SSD as it is much faster than HDD and it means you save time which is an important feature when hacking. Anywhere between 100 and 256 GB is more than enough.

After all that, we present you the list of best laptops for hacking in 2022.

Dell Inspiron

First on our list is the Dell Inspiron Laptop. With an overall great design, this laptop can and will be a great device for your hacking needs. It has 8 GB of RAM memory. Plus, the 512GB SSD gives you enough space and speed to run everything flawlessly. It’s easy to set up and use, with a long-lasting battery and quick charging. Overall, it’s a great and cheap choice for your hacking adventures.

Alienware 17R4


This 7th generation laptop is the best option among notebooks of this kind. With its beautiful design that consists of silver top and black body. It comes with RGB options for the keyboard pads. It has 16GB of RAM, which is more than enough. The processor is a CPU of the i7 core generation, which is one of the most powerful in this series. With 512GB of storage and fast SSD storage, you’ll have more than enough space. It comes with all kinds of connectors you need for any use. The long-lasting battery is great company for your hacking jobs.

Lenovo Legion Y545


A great laptop for hacking activities. With its awesome and sharp design you look like a real pro hacker, apart from the looks it has all the makings for real use. It has 16GB of RAM storage, as we said, that’s more than enough, it most commonly comes with 256GB of storage, but there are also models with 512GB. The CPU is a 9th generation I7 processor, which is among the most powerful available, which automatically makes it excellent for problem-free multitasking.

HP Pavilion 15-16

gazebo games

The HP Pavilion series contains all the necessary requirements for any hacking activity. The I5 or I7 CPU core Intel processor (depending on the model) makes multitasking very easy for you. Since it is a gaming series model, it comes with a great gaming graphics card with 4-6GB memory. Depending on the model, it also has 8-16 GB of RAM memory and 256-512 GB of SSD storage. Overall, it’s a great option if you’re starting out or are already in the hacking world.

Asus TUF Gaming A15


Another laptop whose primary purpose is gaming but is also great for hacking. The Asus Tuf Gaming lives up to its masculine name. With the Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics card and AMD Ryzen 7-4800HS processor (7th Gen series), there’s very little the TUF A15 can’t break through. This laptop is a beast for any activity from gaming to hacking. It comes with some seriously high frame rates. The keyboard is nice to type on and the trackpad is smooth. If your library gets too big, you can add a second SSD to the laptop and upgrade the RAM to 32GB since the starting number is 16GB. You don’t get the extras, though: the chassis, while sturdy and well-equipped, is large and unwieldy for a 15.6-inch laptop.

Dell Inspiron 15 7000

inspiring 2

You can tell that this is one of the best laptop hacking options once you see this beast. It comes in two colors. With its lightweight and portable body, it makes your work much easier. The processor is the 9th generation i9 core CPU, it is one of the most powerful processors currently. The 16 GB of RAM memory also gives you the power you need for multitasking. The storage space of 512 GB is more than enough for all your applications and programs and also for the speed of their booting. The gaming GPU GTX 1650 is also a great component that makes it more suitable for hacking. Along with all these great components, the long-lasting 6-hour battery is like the icing on the cake.



Besides being a good option for PC gamers for a few years now. The Acer 5 Nitro 5 is also a great laptop for hacking, thanks to all of its components and capabilities that make it a great option for all types of use. From cheap and cheerful GTX 1650/Core i5 machines to RTX 3060/Core i7s (and plenty of AMD options too), you’ll find Nitro 5 options in all price ranges. It also comes with 8-16GB of RAM depending on the model you buy. Besides the great core components this laptop has to offer, the storage is also at an exceptional level. It has 256-512GB of RAM memory that gives you enough storage for space.


Depending on your needs and skills, we have provided you with some of the best options for hacking laptops today. In addition to your needs, there is also the financial question. Buying a great hacking laptop will probably require a little more money, but at the end of the day it will be worth it. This article is mainly aimed at new users and novice hackers who are searching and trying to break into this world. Ultimately, it’s more about knowledge and skill than hardware. Real and good hackers can do serious damage and hack with the cheapest and least powerful computers out there. However, the design and quality of the hardware parts can help simplify and greatly speed up your hacking skills.

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