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Blockdaemon, the blockchain* node infrastructure tools platform, today announced the launch of Ubiquity V1, a new and improved version of its Ubiquity API suite.

Ubiquity V1 replaces the previously used V2 and V3 beta version endpoints. After August 12, 2022, these old beta endpoints will no longer be available.

Unifying the many enhancements made to the API suite, Ubiquity V1 produces a unique and seamless user experience. Blockdaemon’s blockchain engineering team revamped Ubiquity to provide a stronger blockchain foundation than ever before.

Ubiquity is a central pillar of Blockdaemon’s comprehensive “node stack”, which connects businesses and developers to blockchains with a single integration.

How will Ubiquity V1 benefit Users?

Improves filtering capabilities

Ubiquity V1 will enable enhanced filtering capabilities. Specifically, there will be a greater ability to add filtering of different transactions in the future across chains such as BTC, LTC, and BCH.

Also, balances are all supported in Ubiquity V1.

Reduce latency

With this iteration, Blockdaemon reduces API latency for users. This is achieved by adopting a standardized endpoint approach across all protocols served by Ubiquity.

By reducing latency, Blockdaemon engineers further enable customers to build high-performance solutions based on the Ubiquity API.

Better management of UTXOs

UTXO is the accounting model for many of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies. Ubiquity V1 will allow better management of UTXO-based protocols.

This includes Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. All of these are currently supported by Ubiquity.

Improved usability

With this update, Ubiquity V1 ensures that every supported protocol has the same format.

Before that, ETH and BTC were different. By streamlining formats across all protocols, Blockdaemon engineers designed a better user experience for developers.

V1: How to start

All existing Ubiquity users should migrate integrations to V1.

To do this, replace the API version number in Ubiquity endpoint calls from the previous version (either V2 or V3) with V1. This must be done before older versions are disabled.

This change needs to be made to the Blocks, Transactions, and Account endpoints. After migrating the new codebase to the new V1 format, users will get all the benefits of Ubiquity V1 at no additional cost.

“For years, Blockdaemon engineers have designed the best possible blockchain API. Our new Ubiquity V1 iteration marks a new milestone for our benchmark API. Soon, Ubiquity users will enjoy a better API experience. By running Ubiquity V1, your services will ensure smooth and continuous performance, backed by a fully maintained and supported API suite. We are proud to roll out this exciting update. It is now available to all Ubiquity customers.
– The Blockdaemon Team

For more information, see the Ubitquity documentation.


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