Broncos’ G. Netane Muti saw his Twitter account hacked apparently over some pro-Elon Musk tweets


There have been a number of hacks of social media accounts belonging to prominent esports and sports media personalities lately, and the latest one there seems to involve Denver Broncos guard Netani Muti. For a few hours on Tuesday, Muti’s Twitter account changed to the display name “Elon Musk” (notable given Musk’s active Twitter takeover bid) with a profile photo of Musk. And this account of Muti (seen above in a December 2021 profile shot) posted some tweets seemingly supporting Musk’s stance:

One of the interesting things here is that alongside this particular tweet and the change in profile name and avatar, Muti’s Twitter account has posted many spam tweets over the past 24 hours, including numerous variations of repeated tweets: “Even some of the best AI software engineers people on of the world doesn’t realize how advanced the Tesla AI has become” and “Beating the traffic is the ultimate boss fight. Even the most powerful people in the world cannot defeat traffic!”

It’s not particularly clear why anyone would choose a Denver Broncos guard as a hack target, or why their ultimate goal after being hacked is to “send a bunch of obviously fake tweets,” but that seems to have happened here. And it’s interesting to see how that played out.

[Netani Muti on Twitter; image from Jay Biggerstaff/USA Today Sports]


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