Bungie has sued three other Destiny 2 cheat and hack developers


Destiny 2 developer is filing copyright lawsuits against three different cheat companies

Bungie’s legal war against companies distributing Destiny 2 cheat codes escalated last week with new copyright infringement lawsuits against Elite Boss Tech, Lavicheats, and VeteranCheats.

Bungie is really after Destiny’s cheat enablers. Last year, the developer set PerfectAim in its sights, teamed up with Riot against Gatorcheats and filed a lawsuit with Ubisoft against the cheat maker Ring-1. Now Bungie is doubling down with the trio of new claims, each filed on August 18, each targeting a different vendor of game-destroying cheats.

First up, we have his lawsuit against Elite Boss Tech, the company behind the popular Wallhax scam website. Though not currently listed on the website, the Wallhax Destiny 2 cheat features the standard combination of an aimot that helps players target their enemies with ridiculous accuracy and an ESP hack that allows players to see enemies anywhere, even behind cover or on the map.

Along with the hacking and cheating, Bungie claims that Elite Boss Tech and its various affiliates used the game maker’s copyrighted materials to produce advertisements for their services while using illegal copies of Bungie’s software to “hook” to create the cheats that bypass Destiny 2’s ant-dissipating measures. Bungie is calling for an injunction against Elite Boss Tech, the destruction of all fraudulent software, and damages.

The second lawsuit is directed against Kunsal “Lavi” Bansal, the owner of Lavicheats, which offers fraud services and software for various games. Again, the Destiny 2 cheats are Aimbots and ESP hacks. Bungie seeks similar redress.

After all, Bungie is chasing the folks who run Veterancheats.com for selling cheats like Aimbots, Infinite Ammo, Infinite Health, and the good ol ‘ESP.

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  • Bungie has sued three other Destiny 2 cheat and hack developers
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