Cleaning hack with white vinegar – remove stains in the toilet bowl in 7 steps


Nobody wants a dingy, brown looking toilet bowl. These unsightly stains need special attention: they cannot be removed with a normal toilet cleaner and a toilet brush. You don’t need a chemical cleaner though, you can make a homemade remedy to return your throne to its brilliantly clean and pristine shine.

Nobody wants embarrassing brown stains in the toilet bowl. So if the condition of your bathroom scares you when you have company, you need this simple hack to remove brown stains from your toilet bowl.

This method doesn’t use harsh chemicals, and you probably already have everything you need to keep your toilet bowl looking as good as new.

Why is your toilet bowl turning brown?

Living in an area with hard water can cause your toilet bowl to discolor and turn brown over time.

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This is caused by a high level of lime scale in your water and unfortunately it means that no scrubbing alone will remove these stains.

Lime is usually white, but mineral deposits in the toilet such as iron, calcium, and magnesium turn the lime brown or green.

You should remove any discoloration in your toilet bowl as soon as it occurs.

Limescale deposits absorb dirt and build up layer by layer over time, making them almost impossible to clean after long periods of storage.

2 – Put an equal amount of baking soda – about 250 grams – in the toilet bowl; it will bubble with the vinegar.

3 – Add 500 milliliters more vinegar to the toilet bowl and let the solution sit in the toilet bowl for at least twenty minutes.

4 – When you get back, use your toilet brush to work the vinegar and baking soda solution into all of the stains, including any stains above the water level.

5 – Let the solution act for another 30 minutes.

6 – Thoroughly scrub the bowl with your solution one more time. You should notice that the brown spots are now starting to peel off. Flush the toilet to flush.

7 – If the brown spots on the bowl are still there, repeat the steps.

If the stains are left for a long time, they are very stubborn and difficult to remove.

Other hacks cleaners have suggested squeezing the water out of your toilet bowl, filling it with white vinegar, and letting it sit overnight.

Some have also suggested using denture cleaning tablets: toss a few in the toilet bowl, let them sit overnight, and clean the toilet in the morning.


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