Control Your Revenue: How to keep the flow of orders and keep criminals away


Control Your Revenue: How to Keep Order Flowing and Criminals Away | Digital commerce 360

Last year +, the industry saw unprecedented e-commerce demand, and retailers had to tackle peak after peak. And along with this flood of online shopping, the rate of fraud has increased. In this webinar, Digital Commerce 360 ​​and the panelists explain how retailers can deal with traffic peaks and the associated safety risks at events that affect a wide range of product categories – social media influencer campaigns or media attention, flash sales, Publications of limited edition items such as sneakers, Amazon Prime Day and seasonal holidays such as Black Friday, Mother’s Day or back to school. Participants learn how retailers and consumers are particularly vulnerable to security breaches and other attacks in peak scenarios. Retail professionals will also share best practices in preparing for these events and identifying issues to protect revenue streams and a brand’s reputation while maintaining customer loyalty and confidence in the privacy of their personal information.

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Jessica Young is the Associate Director of Research at Digital Commerce 360, where she oversees data collection methodology and data mining to identify trends in the e-commerce industry. She leads research for six databases spanning thousands of online retail sites worldwide and leads the reach of retailers. As a business reporter, she also covers the US Department of Commerce’s release of retail sales and writes in-depth strategy articles on a variety of topics – including Christmas shopping and personalization – for the news website and magazine. Jessica holds a BS and MS degrees from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.


Sean Flynn is the Director of Security Strategy and Technology at Akamai Technologies. He is currently working with companies to ensure Akamai’s security vision aligns with and meets industry and customer needs. He also acts as a web and corporate security trainer for internal groups. Sean has over 16 years of IT security experience working for network and application security providers. Sean joined Akamai in 2012 and implemented Akamai security solutions for businesses. He was practical and helped protect customers from active attacks by government sponsored actors, hacktivists, and cyber criminals. He has advised some of the largest finance, retail and healthcare clients on Akamai solutions, implementing application, network and enterprise security, and implementing security best practices


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