Cryptocurrency: Some of the most searched questions on Google in 2022


Cryptocurrency has remained one of the most popular commodities on the market. Investor interest in this commodity has increased due to recent fluctuations in its market. The fall in the value of the crypto market is due to the global recession resulting from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. As the war raged, the value of crypto suddenly plummeted, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars.

Since then, there has been little improvement in the market as fluctuations have continued. Investors also feel insecure about their investments due to the possibility of rapid changes. The said situation has intrigued people to search Google for crypto.

Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular cryptocurrency queries on Google and their answers.

Growing interest in cryptocurrency

The growing interest in crypto has had multiple impacts on the market. These include new investors, those looking for crypto, and those considering investing in crypto. Although the crypto has yet to see a boom in earnings, it has seen a boom in interested people. These people are likely to invest in crypto despite the risk of losses.

Most of them are in their initial phase of learning about crypto and how it works. Many of these users have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, etc., due to their constant mention in headlines and news stories. But they don’t know it clearly. Once they get familiar with it, it will likely get them into the market.

Some of the Most Googled Questions About Cryptocurrency

Users have asked various questions to Google about cryptocurrency. Some of them are given as follows.

What is Cryptocurrency?

The most common question from Google searchers is about cryptocurrency. The overall search volume for this question is 256,000. The said question was asked five times more than the other questions.

The answer to this question is an alternative financial system that provides trustless services in a decentralized system. Crypto is a digital currency whose transactions are verified and managed in a decentralized blockchain system. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the market.

What is Crypto?

Another question is the iteration of the main question. It asks the same question with slightly different wording. The GV of this question is around 54,000 and shows how interested researchers are in learning more about crypto.

How to invest in cryptocurrency?

Those who have done an introductory cryptocurrency search move on to a more elaborate search. In this query, users ask how to invest capital in the mentioned product. The GV for this question is around 44,000 and shows that most users continue their search after reading the basics of crypto.

The answer to this question is quite simple. Users must choose a crypto broker or exchange. Once they are done, they can create their account and verify it. After verifying their account, they need to deposit money to invest. The next step is placing the cryptocurrency order. As it is ordered, the exchange will ask for a storage method which can be a wallet. Thus, the crypto investment process is complete.

What is Crypto Mining?

One of the most popular crypto queries is mining. The said question is in the fourth place, which has a volume of 37,000. The mentioned question shows interest in learning crypto in depth.

The answer to this question is validation of crypto transactions which can be completed if validators process the transaction and mark it as legit. Thus, the transaction is recorded on the blockchain ledger. Computers around the world that validate transactions are called miners, and the process is called mining.

Why is crypto crashing?

One of the biggest impacts of the declining value of crypto is on research into the stock market crash. The bear market wiped billions of dollars off the market. Google data shows that the stock market crash question has a volume of 33,000.

There are various reasons for the collapse of the crypto market. The main reason for this is the volatile geopolitical situation, while the increase in economic problems is also the main contributor. Others include rising US inflation, interest rates, etc.


The increase in instability in the global crypto market has brought crypto to the fore. Recent Google search data shows that users have increasingly searched for crypto. They want to know what it is, how it saw the changes, how it works and why it crashed. The gradual transition of questions shows that cryptocurrency could see increased investment.


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