David Harbor’s Santa Claus is coming to town


Also in Violent Night are John Leguizamo (Romeo + Juliet, Encanto), Beverly D’Angelo (Coal Miner’s Daughter, National Lampoon’s Vacation), Alex Hassell (Cowboy Bebop), Alexis Louder (“Copshop”), Brendan Fletcher (“Smallville”) as Krampus, Edi Patterson (“Knives Out”), Cam Gigandet (“The Magnificent Seven”) and André Eriksen (2018’s “Lethal Weapon”). Having Beverly D’Angelo, aka Ellen Griswold from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” in the cast opens up a whole host of comedic possibilities here.

Despite the fact that David Harbour’s “Hellboy” star does poorly at the box office, it’s a joy to see him wherever he goes. It’s about time he had a movie to shine in instead of scenes in a TV series you want to rush through to get back to the main story. (I’m looking at you, Russian prison scenes in “Stranger Things.”) Footage Ben Pearson saw at CinemaCon showed Harbor beating a man to death with a sock full of billiard balls and stabbing a guy in the eye with a poinsettia. That must be smart! This is definitely not a movie for children, as you can see from the trailer.

After premiering at New York Comic Con this week, Violent Night is slated to hit theaters on December 2, 2022.


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