Donald Trump’s website hacked and defaced by a video of the Turkish President


On Monday, someone hacked into former President Donald Trump’s website and temporarily destroyed it by strangely inserting a YouTube video of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan into one of the website’s pages.

The defacement, which appeared on the site’s Action subdomain, contained the message, “Don’t be like those who forgot Allah lest Allah make them forget themselves.” CNN reports that Erdogan’s video depicting the controversial Turkish Guide to the analysis of Quranic verses can be seen, was also included on the page. It’s pretty weird.

The hack is said to have been carried out by a self-proclaimed “hacktivist” named “RootAyyildiz”. On Monday, the hacker confirmed to Vice News that he was responsible for the break-in and said he entered the site with a server side template injection, or SSTI – a type of vulnerability that allows code to be executed remotely.

Trump created the “Root” targeted website in May, not long after he left office. At that time, the former president was last banned from almost all major social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). As a result, Trump was looking for a voice and wanted to build his own platform to post what he wanted. However, when the site opened and didn’t get the attention it was hoping for, the former president discreetly withdrew active editorial work for it, and the site is now just a hollowed out campaign shell for a person who is no longer actively involved in politics.

Surprisingly, the same hacker who attacked Trump’s website appears to be responsible for a November breach on Joe Biden’s campaign website. In this case, hackers with the same pseudonym “RootAyyildiz” hacked the political candidate’s website by engraving on the website a series of comments that appeared to relate to American interference in Turkish politics. According to a report by the National Intelligence Council in March, the incident was “hacktivist” with the aim of promoting “Turkish nationalist ideas”.

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