Elon Musk On Fire: Tesla CEO Had An Affair With Google Co-Founder’s Wife – Report


Elon Musk, a cryptocurrency advocate, played the proverbial fire with the wife of his close friend, Sergey Brin, who co-founded Google in 1998.

The handkerchief prompted Brin to file for divorce earlier this year, ending the tech mogul’s long friendship with Musk, according to Sunday’s article in The Wall Street Journal, who quoted people familiar with the scheme.

It was in the fall of last year that the extramarital flirtations with Nicole Shanahan began, according to the Journal.

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Growing tensions with Elon Musk

According to the publication’s sources, tensions between the two billionaires and their respective teams have increased since the reported meeting in December 2021.

Both Musk and Brin are among the 10 richest people in the world and both have long histories in Silicon Valley.

In 2018, during the economic crisis, Brin provided Musk with around $500,000 in extra cash for Tesla, while in 2015 Musk gave Brin one of Tesla’s first all-electric SUVs as a gift, the report reported. Log.

At the time of the affair in December, Brin and Shanahan were separated but still living together, according to sources cited by the Journal. Brin, who married Shanahan in 2018, filed for divorce in January, just weeks after the romance went public.

“For the sake of our child, I hope Sergey and I continue with dignity, honesty and peace. And we are both working on it,” Shanahan said, as quoted by Vanity Fair.

The Journal’s report was followed by a tweet from the New York Post on Monday:

things weren’t right

Brin cited “irreconcilable issues” as the reason for his split from Shanahan, according to the Vines, which also revealed the couple had joint property, the division of which needed “to be resolved.”

Additionally, Brin filed for joint custody of their daughter. Additionally, he said he was not asking for spousal support from Shanahan and asked that she not receive it either.

Musk’s “short affair” came months after he ended his relationship with singer Grimes, with whom he shares children.

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DOGE total market cap at $8.6 billion on the daily chart | Source: TradingView.com

On Sperm and Creating More ‘Elon Musks’

The big boss of SpaceX has a total of 10 descendants, including one who has just changed his identity and has publicly disavowed the mogul.

In a related development, Elon’s father, Erroll Musk, revealed in an interview with The Sun that a group of people asked him to donate his sperm in order to “build more Elon Musks”.

Erroll Musk. Image: NDTV.com

According to Elon’s father, the plan was to “imbue upper-class women” and produce a “new generation of Elon Musks”.

In a 2017 Rolling Stone profile, Errol Musk is said to have a genius IQ and be South Africa’s youngest qualified engineer.

Despite their estrangement, Elon and his father share many of the same values. Including “helping the underpopulation crisis.” A collapsing birth rate, Elon says, is “the greatest danger facing civilization,” Business Insider reveals.

When it comes to his involvement in cryptocurrency, Musk’s crypto-related tweets are religiously followed by his dedicated followers. Within hours, a single comment on a cryptocurrency like Dogecoin could have a favorable effect on the price of the meme coin. The billionaire is a self-proclaimed “Dogefather”.

Meanwhile, Brin reportedly asked his financial advisors to liquidate all of his assets in Elon Musk’s businesses after realizing his wife Shanahan cheated on him.

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