Epik CEO is trying to crack down on security breach rumors



Rob Monster, the CEO of Web hosting Epik company, which works with journalists, hackers, and members of the public to report on Hacktivists leaking Epik’s data worth decades, in a video conference call that has been described as “bizarre and chaotic”.

Last week, the hacktivist group Anonymous claimed it had received and leaked 180GB of data about Epik’s business and customers to welcome customers who are struggling to find web hosts due to the nature of their content.

Monster reportedly admitted the violation at the meeting, claiming the attackers not only hacked a backup of the company’s data, but also stole $ 100,000 from its own Coin base Account using information obtained from the breach.

The call, however, stalled when other journalists and hackers affected by the injury joined the call, causing Monster to burst into prayer several times, even asking Jesus to reprimand the demons present in the call.

Wrong-way driver

Epik has provided services for alternative social media sites such as: Parler, and to various other controversial organizations such as the Texas right to life Group whistleblower website.

Last week, Anonymous released all kinds of sensitive information about Epik’s customers, including their names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Epik initially denied reports of the breach before Monster first emailed customers saying the company was investigating “an alleged security incident” and then sent the public to a live Q&A on its videoconferencing website PrayerMeeting.com invited.

Monster reportedly relied on his religious beliefs during the hour-long call when confronted with several people hosted by Epik’s websites, including Aubrey Cottle, who was outed as the founder of Anonymous.

However, his supporters applauded Monster for speaking openly, apparently against the advice of his lawyers.

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