Fast and Furious 9 is a secret tribute to Paul Walker.


The 41-year-old actress was part of the franchise’s original main cast and appeared in five of eight parts. Her character was then written out of the plot after the tragic death in 2013 of Paul Walker, who played her husband Brian.

By doing Fast and Furious World, Mia and Brian went into hiding to protect their growing family and to lead a quieter life, but in conversation with Mummy, Jordana Brewster said she always felt like Mia Toretto had to find her way back into the action.

“I’m always in touch with Justin Lin, our director, and Vin Diesel, who plays my brother Dom, and of course Michelle Rodriguez,” said Jordana. “I always write to Vin for advice and he does the same to me. It’s wonderful how our real life mirrors our lives on screen.

“It always feels anomalous to me when I’m not in these films. So it just felt right to be back. “

Speaking of long-term Fast & Furious Co-star Paul Walker, who played the undercover cop and became Toretto crew member Brian O’Conner, told Jordana that keeping his legacy alive in this film was of paramount importance to her. So much so that they are with the Fast Crew to ensure that a direct homage to Paul Walker’s Brian is woven into their costumes at all times.

“It was very important to me to properly honor Paul’s legacy,” she said. “I made it through little things.”

“For example, I worked with costume designer Sanja Hays and said that when it comes to Mia leaving her family to take care of Jacob and Dom, then I want her to have something that speaks to her.

“And so the three bracelets I wear in the film each have a name. One carries Brian and then I named my daughter Olivia and our son is Jack. And so these bracelets represent this family.

“The character of Brian will always be a part of the Fast and Furious Universe and so it’s nice to honor him that way. Be it that or just seeing his car drive up the street. These moments are bittersweet, but there are also beautiful moments that you can have in them. “

In her 20 years as part of the Fast and Furious Franchise, Jordana said she had noticed a significant change in the treatment of women, both on-screen and behind the scenes, and said a general shift in the power dynamic of Hollywood has allowed her and her co-stars to be heard To provide.


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