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Do not miss Celebrity Myxers Summary of FBI Season 4 Episode 2 “Hacktivist. Maggie, OA and the team are tasked with stopping a hacker who is disabling life-saving devices in several New York hospitals while demanding a full evaluation of recently deceased patients at a local mental health facility. With Jubal’s son waiting for an important operation in one of the affected hospitals, Jubal insists on staying involved in the case despite Isobel’s reservations.

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Watch FBI Season 4, Episode 2 “Hacktivist”

on FBI Season 4 Episode 1It was part one of a three-part crossover series premiere. The case began when a young woman was killed on federal property. The secret resulted in a hideous sex trafficking ring that reached the whole world and involved some very powerful people. OA became emotionally involved when the lead witness was shot, thrown away, and the girl died in his arms. To see how this fall ended, check out Most Wanted and Finally, International!

on FBI season 4 episode 2, Valentine was visiting his son Tyler in the hospital. Suddenly the power went out and the emergency generators started. He immediately went into cop mode and asked the staff about the situation. They showed him their screens. He called the office and informed her that the NY Children’s Hospital was hit by a cyber attack!

The FBI received an initial assessment of the situation. The hospital was locked out of their system, forcing them to use the old school analogy. Over 500 children are cared for there.

Valentine was preparing the hospital administrator to pay the ransom. The generators only last 48 hours, but it takes at least 3 days to get them.

Rubber duck

Agents Valentine, Bell and OA in FBI Season 4, Episode 2

The FBI determined that the hacker had to be physically in the hospital. Looks like it an inside job. So they combed all of the footage. Survillele led to a guy named Jason Cooke who was seen accessing the server room. Disconnected from the hospital, worked in an electronics store. Wallace and Scola went to question him and he ran off immediately. They dragged him into the interrogation room.

He confessed that he doesn’t know how to stop it. He claimed a guy paid him $ 20,000 to insert that Rubber duck USB stick. The program continued write your own code. They also found out that Cooke placed the malware in six other hospitals!

Then the hacker called the FBI, he didn’t want any money … he wanted them to find a serial killer …

Bell was talking to the hacker, his voice distorted. He sent her over half a dozen former patients, all of whom died in physiatric patients who died from a hospital. They visited the head of the hospital, who did not think the coincidence was strange. They asked for the list of previous complaints.

At the hospital, Tyler’s situation worsened and they had to do an emergency splenectomy. Valentine was concerned that they would do this in the midst of the crisis. However, some time later the doctor returned to inform Valentine You could not perform the operation until the system was operational again. The boy had a rare blood type. The pressure on Valentine to unlock the system was higher than ever. He was forced to leave his child and go to the office and help with the investigation …

Hacker cracked

They examined the list and cross-referenced it to find a named person of interest Lydia Ryan. They found her home and broke into her door. She was still coding on her computer. They arrested her and confiscated the laptop. She told them there is nothing they can find on the computer or crack their code unless they find out who murdered their friends …

Bell interrogated Lydia, who would not give up her threat and needed the FBI to solve the case.

Castille pulled Bell out to inform her that another physiotherapist was found dead. It seemed like an overdose. An investigation found that it was not an overdose, but a poison that causes a heart attack. Castille shifted the search, assuming the hacker was right, and treating the overdoses as murder. Time to find a serial killer …

Valentine entered the interrogation room to quietly plead with the suspect on behalf of his son. The woman walled him up and did not want to restore the system. Valentine was pushing too far with the woman and Castille was forced to pull him out. The tracks for the FBI team dried up.

Valentine personally visited the director of the physiatric hospital. Although it was illegal, he forced the man to give up the patient’s file. Valentine’s wife called him about Tyler’s degrading health. He had to go.

Name change

Others led to a man named John McGuire who worked in the physiatric clinic. Further digging revealed that he legally changed his name 6 months ago. He used to be John Mullen. They found that this takes the work out of murdering patients!

They found that he was free today and could be on his way to his next victim. Wallace and Scola got to the victim’s house in time when the man stormed through the back door. The victim had a knife in defense of the killer and turned the agents on. Scola made the risky decision to put his gun down to talk the man down as he was having an episode. You lost the suspect after all …

The office team was chasing the man – Wallace and Scola were back on the hunt. When Wallace cornered the man, he attacks her and reaches for her gun. Suddenly Scola came to her rescue and fired two shots in the man’s chest. Bell took Lydia to the scene to show his body.

Change of heart

Lydia freaked out and didn’t believe them … they accidentally found the killer 20 minutes before the generators would die. Lydia started freaking out and Bell reassured the woman about her mental health issues as she had a sister who was going through similar problems. She begged the woman to undo the hack.

Suddenly the electricity returned to the hospital …

Bell asked Castille if Lydia’s charges could be negotiated. This ship was sailing when a girl died in a hospital because there was no electricity. Lydia will charged with murder in addition to the other criminal charges!

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Air date: September 28, 2021

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