FBI to investigate GTA VI and Uber leaks, 16-year-old UK boy allegedly behind


New details on recent Uber and GTA VI Leaks have appeared. The FBI could become involved in the case, with other hackers naming a British teenager as the prime suspect in both cyberattacks.

Security Breach Investigation

On September 19, Uber released a statement about the security breach it experienced last week. The company said it was “in close coordination with the FBI and the US Department of Justice on this matter.”

Neither the FBI nor the DOJ have commented on the case, so it’s unclear if they’ve launched an investigation yet.

Over the weekend, an anonymous hacker accessed Uber’s internal systems by compromising an account owned by one of the company’s contractors. As a result, they gained access to some company tools like Slack and reconfigured Uber’s OpenDNS to display a pornographic image.

The company said the attacker did not access production systems, which are critical for its apps to work. No user accounts, credit card numbers or other sensitive data were stolen either.

Uber believes the hacker is connected to, and may be involved with, a hacking group called Lapsus$ Violation of Rockstar Games which uncovered over 90 gameplay footage from the early build of GTA VI.

What is known about the Lapsus$ group?

It is an anonymous hacking organization that has been active since the end of 2021. It has around seven members, but the real names of the people behind the group are unknown.

Lapsus$ usually targets high-profile companies to seal their data and demand a ransom. However, the exact motivation behind their attacks is unclear.

As highlighted in a Bloomberg reportgroup hacked Microsoft, Samsung, Nvidia, Ubisoft and Okta. They usually steal the source code and try to access other sensitive data using various security breaches.

Despite attacks on major tech companies, Lapsus$ itself suffers from poor operational security. “Unlike most activity groups that stay under the radar, [Lapsus$] doesn’t seem to be covering its tracks,” says Microsoft said in a blog post after falling victim to the attack earlier this year. “They go as far as announcing their attacks on social media or promoting their intention to buy credentials from employees of the targeted organizations.”

Who is the teenage mastermind behind the GTA VI and Uber leaks?

In March, the London Police seven teenagers arrested in relation to the Lapsus$ group. One of them is a 16-year-old autistic boy from Oxford who goes by his online nicknames “White” and “Breachbase”. The teenager was arrested after his personal information, including his name and address, was leaked online by fellow hackers.

The 16-year-old boy is said to have earned around $14 million from his crimes. However, it appears that he has continued his hacking activities.

On September 18th, an admin of the Breach forums claimed that The person behind the GTA VI and Uber hacks was Arion, another nickname used by 16-year-old Breachbase.

Blogger Michael aka LegacyKillaHD noticed that other hackers on the Doxbin website also named Arion as the person behind these leaks.

It is also worth noting that the hacker nicknamed TeapotaboveHacker (perhaps another nickname for the 16-year-old British teenager) claimed he was not only responsible for the GTA VI leak, but also for the recent Uber break-in. So the connection appears to be real, although it has yet to be proven.


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