Foreign money is funding ‘extremism’ in Canada, says hacker Canada


A hacker who leaked the names and locations of more than 90,000 people who donated money to Canada’s Trucker Convoy protest says he has uncovered how foreign money has funded “extremism” in the country.

In an exclusive interview, the hacker told the Guardian Canada is “not safe from foreign political manipulation”. “You’re looking at a huge sum of money that doesn’t even come from Canada — that’s clear,” said the hacker, who is a member of the hacktivist group Anonymous.

The leaked data showed that more than 90,000 donations were made through GiveSendGo, with most of the funds appearing to have come from Canada and the US. According to the data, people in countries like the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark also donated.

Amarnath Amarasingam, Professor at Queens University in Canada and expert on extremism and social movements, tweeted Of the 92,844 donations, “51,666 (56%) came from the US, 36,202 (29%) from Canada, and 1,831 (2%) from the UK.” Donations from the US totaled $3.62 million, while Canadians donated $4.31 million, he added.

The hacker said the significant number of donations from Canada shows that some people in the country have embraced what they see as American-style extremism.

“We kind of lied to ourselves up here in Canada,” the hacker said. “[We were saying] “It can’t happen here, there’s no way it can happen, we’re better.” And now people are kind of confronted with the reality, no, actually we have a lot more in common with our neighbors to the south than we wanted to admit. “

The data shows that about a dozen donors used .gov email addresses in connection with donations, indicating some of the money came from US government employees. These included accounts from the US Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, Nasa, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and a state transportation company. The data also included an email address from the Canadian government.

When asked what the leak meant to the public, the hacker said, “If you make any movements in fascism and domestic extremism… [then] You’re not going to have a good time because hacktivists are becoming more focused on countering domestic extremism because we’re pissed as fuck.”

On Sunday, GiveSendGo’s web domain was redirected to a page with a video clip of the animated film Frozen with a message to the followers of the convoy. “Warning, GiveSendGo crooks and hatriots,” it said. “You helped fund the January 6 riot in the US, you helped fund a riot in Ottawa. In fact, you are obligated to fund whatever will keep the raging fire of misinformation burning until then [sic] it is burning down the collective democracies of the world.

“Now, on behalf of all sane people worldwide who wish to continue living in a democracy, I tell you that GiveSendGo itself has frozen.”

GiveSendGo became the top fundraising site after another crowdfunding platform, GoFundMe, blocked fund transfers.

Although the hackers’ message no longer appeared on the GiveSendGo landing page as of Monday, the page remained inactive.


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