Geoffrey Zakarian has the easiest corn cob cutting hack


On July 15, Geoffrey Zakarian shared an easy-to-follow, no-fuss hack for slicing corn kernels off the cob with a short Instagram video from his kitchen. He captioned the post, “Pro tip: use the tip of your knife to chop corn and always chop into a bowl. We don’t want flying corn!!”

Many of the chef’s fans praised the gentle technique and expressed their mutual love for the corn. One particular fan noted that Zakarian forgot to mention the genius move of using “the upside down little bowl inside the bowl.” While you can use a bundt pan as a base for the corn to stand upright on, you can also invert a small bowl inside a larger bowl. The sloping sides of an inverted small bowl will neatly catch any grains.

You’ll need a sharp chef’s knife to make long downward strokes on the butt. A small knife or paring knife won’t be too effective, and be careful not to dig the blade into the corn cob itself. There are other mess-free ways to cut corn off the cob. For example, you can use a sheet pan as the rimmed sides can contain the corn kernels neatly. Additionally, you can opt for the no-fuss approach of laying the ear flat and chopping the corn off one side at a time (per The Kitchn).


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