Guide to news shows about the types of hackers: No, they’re not all bad


How many times have we turned on the news and seen the classic headline “Hacker steals $100M in Bitcoins in biggest heist of the century”. Or “A group of hackers manages to bypass the security of the Pentagon and get hold of secret information.”

With this daily bombardment Many people believe that a hacker is an evil person who uses their computer skills to take advantage of others. Almost always looking for an economic return.

And, well, we can’t deny that there are too many evil hackers, always known as hackers in Spanish. But to be fair, not all hackers are bad, there are many others ranging from neutral to good. And our task today is to give you the list of existing types of hackers.

Depending on which source we look for, we can see how each website or organization lists the types of hackers with different numbers. From the simplest lists they list in 3 types to the complex ones with up to 14 different models.

We will keep a full variant, but not so extensive (since sometimes they are so similar that the nuances between them are lost). So, without further ado, let’s move on to the 10 types of hackers that currently exist:

White hat hackers or ethical hackers

White hat hackers are authorized certified hackers working for government and legal organizations by conducting penetration tests and identifying the gaps in your cyber security.

They also guarantee protection against cybercrime. They operate under government rules and regulations, which is why they are called ethical hackers or cybersecurity experts. These are the ones that literally protect us from the bad guys.

Black hat hacker or computer hacker

The Black Hat Hackers, In Spain, lifelong hackers are those who break into computer systems (PCs, servers, etc.) illegal and to harm, steal, blackmail…

Are are considered criminals and they can be easily identified by their malicious actions. These are the ones who open the news in our country and occupy the front pages of the newspapers.

Gray hat hacker

Gray hat hackers fall into a category between white hat hackers and black hat hackers. They are not legally authorized hackers. They work with both good and bad intentions: they can use their skills for personal gain.

It all depends on the hacker. When a gray hat hacker uses their skills for personal gain, they are considered a black hat hacker, but they also often work for government agencies, depending on what interests them. They are the neutrals.

script kiddies

They are the most dangerous in terms of hackers. A script kiddie is an unskilled person who uses scripts or downloads available hacking tools provided by other hackers.

They try to attack computer systems and networks and deface websites. His main goal is to impress his friends and society. Script kiddies are usually minors who have no idea about hacking.

Green Hat Hacker

They’re hacking enthusiasts too, but they’re a little different from the script kiddies. They care about hacking and strive to become full-fledged hackers.

You take inspiration from the hackers and ask them some questions. As the hackers answer your questions, they listen intently. We’d say they’re the hacker apprentices, but they’re not yet sure of their inclination (evil or good).

Blue Hat Hacker

They are very similar to script kiddies; You are new to hacking. If someone pisses off a script kiddie and they can get their revenge, they’re considered a blue hat hacker.

Blue hat hackers take revenge on those who have challenged or angered them. Just like the script kiddies Blue hat hackers don’t want to learn either just brag.

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Red Hat hacker

They are also known as eagle-eyed hackers. Just like white hat hackers, red hat hackers aim to stop black hat hackers.

There is a big difference in the way they act. They become ruthless when it comes to black hat hackers’ malware actions. The red hat hacker keeps attacking the evil hacker even after the mission is completed.

State or nation sponsored hackers are those who are appointed by the government to provide them with cyber security and get sensitive information from other countries to stay on top or avoid any kind of danger to the country.

They are highly paid government employees. In Spain we had this type of hackers on TV and in hit programs. They are usually seen very well and end up working in a private company where they pay a lot more.


They are also called the online versions of the activists. Hacktivist is a hacker or group of anonymous hackers who gain unauthorized access to government computer files and networks for social or political purposes.

We all remember Anonymous, a group of hacktivists who spent years defending charities, fighting terrorist groups, and combating dictatorial politics.

Malicious Insider or Whistleblower

A malicious insider or whistleblower – in Spanish the informer or whistleblower, but not derogatory – may be an employee of a company or government agency with a grudge oreasy, that you do not agree with the way your company operates.

When these employees with a good position in the company learn about illegal activities within the organization, they blackmail the organization for their personal gain. Or, if it’s a whistleblower, they go to the press with the information.

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It must be understood that to be one of the two characters, You must have computer skills to access privileged information servers. That is, they must have hacked to get this data to blackmail/report.

As you can see, there are many more types than are usually seen in the media., although the three main ones are clear: the good, the neutral and the bad. From there, the range expands to include all variants.


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