Hacker sends money inquiries on behalf of the commissioner | opinion


Once again it appears that my phone has been hacked. The perpetrators are asking people to befriend me on Facebook and some are asking for money to help me get out of trouble.

Please listen to me. I don’t have a Facebook account. I don’t do social media and I would never ask any of you to help me on social media. I would ask you as a friend.

This is a political year and many have made it clear that they want to depose me. I’ve made it clear that if they want Station III they have to be willing to work hard.

I am really sad that the political atmosphere in our community and our country has become like this. I don’t open emails I don’t know or answer calls if I don’t know the numbers. This statement is meant for the hackers / haters. Please take the time that you spend doing wrong things and actually try to help someone in need.

Happy 4th of July everyone and twice as much to the men and women who fight for our rights.

Commissioner BJ Fletcher

Albany City Commission Ward III

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