Hackers take over Indiana hospital and force ambulances to turn away


Cyber ​​attacks on the rise in the US (ANP / AFP via Getty Images)

An Indiana hospital had to turn away ambulances after hackers shut down its IT system with ransomware.

Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis is one of several hospitals to be targeted by a wave of cyberattacks as Covid-19 cases surge across the country.

The ransomware attack crippled Eskenazi Health, which operates a 315-bed hospital and several community health centers, early on Wednesday morning.

Within hours, the hospital had to turn away ambulances and send patients to other hospitals, a spokesman said the daily beast.

The hospital spokesman said it had shut down some of its services to curb the spread of the malware.

Patient data had been protected, but the attack affected his ability to treat patients in need of emergency medical assistance.

In a separate hacking attack, Sanford Health said it was also attacked by cyber criminals.

CEO Bill Gassen told the Associated Press that the South Dakota-based healthcare provider that operates 46 hospitals in 26 states is working to contain the violation.

Around 1,500 companies in the US have been affected by ransomware attacks, Reuters reported in July.

Attacks on key infrastructure such as the Colonial Pipeline and meat supplier JBS prompted President Joe Biden to warn last month that they could lead to a “real gun war”.

Mr Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that the US will take “all necessary measures” to stop cyberattacks from his country, where most of the cyberattacks are based.

The ongoing attacks on hospitals and health care providers during a deadly pandemic that killed more than 600,000 Americans were particularly cruel, the head of a volunteer cybersecurity organization said.

“It puts people at risk who are already at risk,” said Ohad Zaidenberg, the co-founder of the CTI League the daily beast.

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