Hacktivist Group, Anonymous Hacks UN website and posts about Taiwan


According to several reports, the well-known hacktivist group Anonymous hacked the UN’s website and posted images of Taiwan, the Taiwan flag, the Taiwan President, the Taiwan anthem, and so on. Read the entire article to learn more about this news.

About hacking

Recent reports suggest that the group also attacked Wikipedia over an edit war involving one of its members. One of the Anonymous hackers told Taiwan News that the collective “brought Taiwan back to the UN” by hacking into the UN Network on Migration website. Also, the administrator of Wikipedia quit his job. He wrote that he was leaving the company because “it seems populated with extinguishers, paid shills and political bangers.” He added that “common decency has evaporated” and bemoaned that “Wikipedia has lost its way”.

About Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a website known to everyone. Regardless of whether it’s a foreign topic, this page is sure to have the information you need and come up first on Google after searching for results. The company’s goal is to provide everyone with free access to knowledge, regardless of where they live or who they are. Wikipedia reserves the ability to edit articles for its readers if the reader feels that something is wrong with the article. They can do the same by clicking the Edit button. The website is therefore managed by a group of volunteers who willingly work for the website and ensure that the information that reaches others is correct.

About the United Nations

The United Nations is an international organization that was established in 1945. Expressed in a simple way. The UN is a body created to deal with world problems. The problems of the pandemic or conflicts such as world war are dealt with by the UN. When situations like this arise, this body is expected to take care of the matter and put people’s mind at ease. The organization believes in cooperation and protection of people’s rights in relation to war and extreme climatic conditions. Many people say that it is not a strong G-body and is ruled by major superpowers like the United States and Russia. “In the end, it’s about values […] We want the world our children inherit to be defined by the values ​​enshrined in the UN Charter: Peace, Justice, Respect, Human Rights, Tolerance and Solidarity,” said Antonia Guterres, CEO of the United Nations.




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