Hacktivist group reveals identities of several IRGC hackers


A hacker group has revealed the identities of several hackers working for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Cyber ​​Department.

Corresponding Information from Iran International July 16, these hackers – or the so-called Iranian Cyber ​​Army – work for the companies Naji Technology and Afkar System, which are affiliated with the IRGC.

In their report, the hacktivist group Lab-Doukhtegan, or Sealed Lips, said these IRGC hackers had “repeatedly attacked targets in the US and Europe for the purpose of extortion” and “exploited vulnerabilities discovered in Europe and American organizations.”

In early June, the senior member of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee condemned it Cyber ​​attack by Iran-backed hackers on Boston Children’s Hospital last summer.

Republican Idaho Senator Jim Risch described the attempted attack as “deeply disturbing” and said that “it is typical of a regime synonymous with global terrorism.”

Later in June, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz intervened The IRGC cyber unit called “Shahid Kaveh” conducted investigations to damage shipsPetrol stations and industrial sites in several countries including the UK, USA, France and Israel.

Gantz indicated that Israel – widely believed to have waged a cyberwar against Iran’s nuclear facilities and other infrastructure — can physically defend itself against enemy hackers.

Iran has repeatedly been accused of cyberattacks against the West, Israel and rival Arab countries in the Middle East.


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