Hacktivists attack Israeli CCTVs, military company releases images


A hacking group called Moses Staff has attacked Israeli surveillance cameras in the occupied Palestinian territories and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, an Israeli “defense technology” company.

On Friday, the group released the images, which appear to have been captured by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems surveillance cameras.

“This is just the beginning… In the future, we will introduce you to the officers’ office and residence,” Moses Staff said in a message published on his website.

Earlier in the day, the group said they hacked into surveillance cameras on the streets of the occupied Palestinian territories.

It published a message regarding the cyber attack on its website titled “We see through your eyes”.

“We have been monitoring you for many years, every moment and every step. This is just part of our monitoring of your activities by accessing CCTV cameras in the occupied territories. We had said we will hit you when you never imagined,” the message said.

In November 2021, Moses Staff announced that it had targeted a number of Israeli firms and acquired a vast trove of critical facility maps, which contain information on the location and characteristics of vital systems in the occupied territories.

The data, he added, includes airborne mapping surveys with an accuracy of 5 centimeters (2 inches) and three-dimensional images of Israeli military sites and key buildings.

Moses Staff further stated that the information he has is of immense importance given international sanctions preventing accurate access to aerial imagery of critical areas within the Israeli-occupied Palestinian Territories.

According to Moses Staff’s website, the group has so far hacked over 172 servers and 257 websites, and compiled over 34 terabytes of data.

It says it will not forget “the soldiers whose blood is shed because of wrong policies and fruitless wars, the mothers who mourn the loss of their children, and all the cruelty and injustice done to the people of this nation,” and vows to “keep fighting! To uncover your hidden crimes.”


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