Here’s what hackers are really doing with your data


F1 Solutions explains what hackers really do with your data: sell it, give it away, hold it for ransom, scan it for valuable information like credit card numbers, use it for other hacks, or just brag about it. Some hacks have nothing to do with money; Instead, the attackers are out for revenge. Others hack into “unhackable” systems or organizations just to show off or disclose data in retaliation for something.

However, most cybercriminals are out for financial gain, and stolen data can contain valuable information. From login credentials to credit cards to social security numbers, everything is now stored online. Hacked data is also sold in bulk on the dark web. According to F1 Solutions, Social Security numbers can be sold for as little as $1, credit or debit cards from 50 cents to $1 per card (they’re often sold in bundles), and PayPal credentials can be worth as much as $200. Driver’s licenses, digital and physical passports, and even medical information are also being sold online.

Ransomware, on the other hand, is a growing trend where hackers typically target small and medium-sized businesses, taking control of their systems and data, and then offering the business the ability to restore their computers once a ransom is paid. Also, given the advent of blockchain technology, it is not surprising to learn that digital wallet credentials and NFT site credentials are also increasingly being stolen. Finally, data can be used to steal identities, commit fraud, hack more, and even corrupt websites.


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