How to Clean an Air Fryer: The TikTok cleaning hack could damage your air fryer


A hack showing how to easily clean an air fryer in just three minutes is making the rounds on social media. TikTok users are amazed by the method that makes the air fryers sparkle easily. However, it could also damage your machine.

Videos demonstrating the hack were incredibly popular. One has amassed 9.6 million views and nearly 600,000 likes.

One mother hack influencer, Nicole, who has more than 500,000 followers on the app and over 24 million rows, tested it herself. The hack suggests filling the air fryer drawer with soap and water before putting it back in the machine and turning the air fryer on at 370C for three minutes.

The content creator, who goes by the name @hello_happy_mom on the app, was thrilled to see the hack left her air fryer clean. She wrote: “I tried the TikTok Airfryer hack! You all work! Have you tried this? It is great.”

But other TikTok users warned them about it. One wrote: “Instructions say literally not to do this”. Another said, “Thou shalt not put water in it.”

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Another toilet cleaning TikTok hack could destroy your toilet, people be warned.

The “overload” trend sees people filling their toilets with numerous different types of cleaners of all different colors before flushing them away.

A content creator found by had poured six boxes of baking soda down her toilet in one sitting for a video.

It could also permanently damage your toilet, a costly mistake.


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