I’m a hacktivist – that’s how I remodeled my battered sofa so that everyone would think it was brand new


Of all the furniture we need to buy for our homes, sofas are often among the most expensive.

But in the face of a tired looking couch, a hacktivist decided not to break the bank to buy a new one – and instead found a clever way to reinvent his old one.


The gray velvet sofa looked great when the makeover was completePhoto credit: TIKTOK @oghacktivist
The couch was tired and neglected before it was brought to life


The couch was tired and neglected before it was brought to lifePhoto credit: TIKTOK @oghacktivist

In a video shared on his TikTok page, the OG hacktivist was shown arriving at a department store where he was picking up a load of gray, crumpled velvet curtains.

Then he took them home and then carefully pulled the old covers off his sofa before tying the curtains over the pillows with a stapler.

Once finished, the couch looked practically brand new, with the shredded velvet working perfectly to cover the shabby pillows underneath.

“Everyone says they love my new couch lol,” he captioned the video.

And viewers agreed and went to the comment section to praise the handyman for his hack.

“Damn, I’m an upholsterer and that’s decent work,” wrote one person while another added, “I’m not going to lie, I never thought I would.”

Others said the hack led them to try a similar method of restoring their sofa, with one person commenting, “I’m going to get deep green velvet from the fabric shop.


Elsewhere in the comments section, the OG hacktivist announced that he had no choice but to give the couch a makeover.

“I had to do something, it was such a thorn in my side,” he explained.

The video has had a staggering 1.5 million views since its release and is just one of a series on his site that describes the clever hacks he’s used to breathe new life into his home.

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The hacker used gray velvet curtains to cover the pillows


The hacker used gray velvet curtains to cover the pillowsPhoto credit: TIKTOK @oghacktivist


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