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Actress Tisca Chopra said on Sunday that her official Instagram account had been hacked.

Although her account was compromised, Chopra managed to deliver a warning to her followers.

“You have to know how much I love to interact with you here on Gramm. I love to share my life, work and funny content with you all messed up. The nice looks on @instagram along with the Cyber ​​Crime Cell assure me this is done very quickly .. and with severe ramifications for the hacker (s), ”she wrote.

Chopra also urged her followers not to “click links or DMs” from their account.

“It’s safe to comment and like posts. Have a nice #Sunday,” she added.

Earlier this year, actor Esha Deol and veteran singer Asha Bhosle also fell victim to hacking

How to protect Instagram account:

  • Get two-factor authentication
  • Make sure your phone number and email address are up to date – Check that the email and phone numbers associated with your device are up to date. Even if your data has been modified by a hacker, you can use these steps to recover your account.
  • Instagram will never send you a DM – Malicious accounts have been DMing people for the past few months to get access to critical information like account passwords. They can let you know that your account may be suspended or that your photos have been shared on social media. Fraud is common in these emails and is against our rules. Instagram will never send you a direct message (DM).
  • Report content and accounts that you find questionable
  • Enable sign-in request – Whenever you enable two-factor authentication on Instagram, you’ll receive a notification whenever someone tries to sign in to your account using a device or browser we don’t know. These notifications let you know which device tried to sign in and where it is located. From your previously registered devices, you can approve or reject the request immediately.


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