Introducing FISSURE: A Toolbox for the RF Hacker


No matter what the task at hand, if you want to tackle it, you need the right tool set. And if your job is to make sense of any of the signals in the virtual soup of RF energy we all live in, then you need something like the FISSURE RF framework.

Exactly what FISSURE is is pretty clear from its acronym, which stands for Frequency Independent SDR-Based Signal Understanding and Reverse Engineering. It’s all pretty new by the looks of it [Chris Poore] gave a talk at DEFCON a few weeks ago on using FISSURE to analyze powerline communications between tractor units and their trailers, and they also have a talk planned for next month’s GNU radio conference. We’ve gone through all the material we can find on FISSURE and it seems like every RF hacker’s dream has come true. You have a few examples Twitter, like brutally forcing an old garage door opener with a security code set by a ten-position DIP switch and sending tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) signals to a car. They also mention some of the framework’s capabilities in the GitHub README; We are particularly interested in packet crafting for different protocols. The video below shows some more examples of what FISSURE can do.

It looks like FISSURE could be a lot of fun and very handy for your RF analysis and reverse engineering work. If you’ve used Universal Radio Hacker like we did, this looks similar, only more so. We’ll be downloading and trying it out soon, so keep an eye out for a handy review.

Thanks to [Joseph Reith] for the tip.


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