iPhone 13 Pro hacked: Apple iPhone 13 Pro with the latest iOS 15 “hacked” in 1 second

Chinese hackers participating in the annual Tianfu Cup in Chengdu, China, reportedly managed to crack the security of the latest generation of iPhones. iPhone 13 Pro, runs in seconds on iOS 15.0.2 software. The iPhone 13 Pro was hacked in an international Tianfu Cup hacking competition. The annual competition is for hackers who want to show their skills in finding and tampering with vulnerabilities and the security of large technology companies like. to break through Apple, Google, Microsoft and others.
The Kunlun Lab team participating in the event was able to crack the security of an iPhone 13 Pro live on stage within 15 seconds. The Kunlun Lab team’s CEO is the former CTO of Qihoo 360. According to a report by Forbes, the team used a “remote code execution exploit of the Safari mobile web browser” to break through the iPhone 13 Pro.
And it just isn’t. Another team known as Team Pangu, well known for jailbreaking Apple devices, won the grand prize of $ 300,000 in cash by remotely jailbreaking the iPhone 13 with iOS 15.
It goes without saying that these hackers have long been preparing for this competition to jailbreak new iPhones in seconds.
Why did Pangu win? Well, the other team took 15 seconds while Pangu only took one. According to a report from Patently Apple, the iPhone 13 Pro received the highest level of control. This means that the hacker can access photos and apps, and even delete data from the iPhone 13 Pro. According to the report, the hacker was able to exploit “several vulnerabilities in the iOS15 kernel and in the A15 chip” to bypass the security levels in the new iPhone.
Besides, it wasn’t just the Apple iPhone that the security researchers successfully hacked. Hackers were also able to break into the security of Windows 10, Microsoft Exchange and Google Chrome, among other things.

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