Is it the right time to choose a career in ethical hacking?


by Apoorva Bellapu

April 17, 2022

The first step to becoming an ethical hacker should be to gain work experience in the information technology field.

With unemployment hitting 4.8 million in June (nonfarm payrolls only), surpassing the number of unemployed in the US during the Great Recession, it is not surprising that fears of job losses have soared floats on everyone’s mind. Since the coronavirus hit the US, nearly one in five households has experienced either a layoff or a reduction in hours worked. While some employers may consider less harsh options like pay cuts and furloughs, the uncertainty of losing jobs remains. As millions of people wonder what to do when a potential job loss hits them, companies are beginning to classify most cybersecurity jobs as “essential” or “national critical functions.” This is the right time for students and professionals to look for secure career opportunities in the cybersecurity industry, including in ethical hacking. To boost your cybersecurity career, you need to acquire cybersecurity skills in ethical hacking that map to the cyber roles required in the industry.

Why Switch to a Cybersecurity Career?

With almost 3 million job openings worldwide, cybersecurity is an obviously attractive industry. With more and more security breaches hitting the headlines every day, organizations are eagerly looking for skilled cybersecurity professionals to strengthen their defenses. If you’re looking for a good reason to make the switch, here are three top reasons to consider a career in cybersecurity

1. Ever-growing growth and unlimited opportunities

It’s true that every IT role has a cybersecurity counterpart. The primary focus on safety opens up a wealth of new career options. With the right cybersecurity skills and knowledge, you can start as a Security Operations Engineer and progress to Risk Assessment Analyst, Cyber ​​Forensic Investigator, Compliance Educator, and several other options. That being said, the unlimited growth potential of the industry allows you to pursue challenging learning opportunities to change course as the industry matures.

2. Number of vacancies in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity vacancies are expected to reach 1.8 million by 2022, according to a report by the Center for Cybersecurity and Education. The number obviously suggests that the cybersecurity skills gap is only going to widen in the years to come. Isn’t it the right time for you to develop your skills and become a security professional?

3. Exciting cybersecurity salary offers

As you look at the exciting salary opportunities for entry-level and mid-level security jobs, remember that the position you can achieve with a few years of experience is that of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), which is the most desirable and desirable. . CISOs ensure the security of a company, its invaluable information assets, and its employees. Ethical hacking has been a lucrative job option for several IT professionals out there due to the good salaries. It’s also a challenging job that never gets boring. Additionally, it also generates a sense of responsibility and accomplishment which is essential to getting into any of the jobs. You can also take CEH training in Bangalore to boost your hacking career. Let’s discuss in detail all the factors that can help you become an ethical hacker and whether it would be a good option for you to pursue it as a potential career option.

What is the job profile of an ethical hacker?

Hacking refers to finding loopholes in any system and gaining unauthorized access to them. Unauthorized access to one’s system can result in private data being collected, system files being deleted and much more. Hacking is considered illegal in most countries and can land you in prison if you get into serious trouble.

However, hacking is considered legal if it is done with the appropriate permission from the relevant authorities. Several companies hire hackers to test the feasibility of their system security and to find and fix any loopholes. This reduces your system’s vulnerability to unethical hackers with malicious intent to hack into your systems. Those individuals who know how to hack and do so with the permission of the company or organization involved are called ethical hackers.

The first step to becoming an ethical hacker should be to gain work experience in the information technology field. Typically, a person with a degree in computer science or another related cybersecurity field is preferred for the professional ethical hacker position. However, there may be some exceptions for individuals who have exceptional knowledge and experience in the field without a valid degree. One of the most valued certifications that can help you get started in the world of ethical hacking is the CEH certification. You must have work experience in IT to appear right away and have a fairly good knowledge of the systems. The CEH course is considered quite tough by most professionals, but for a person with at least 5 years of professional experience in IT or cyber security, completing the same does not have to prove difficult.

What role does an ethical hacker play?

The job of an ethical hacker involves a whole host of important roles and responsibilities. As we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. Exceptional knowledge of computer systems also brings with it many important responsibilities that can impact multiple lives and careers. Some of them are as mentioned below:

Penetration testing of various systems and applications to test for vulnerabilities.

Scanning different ports using tools like NMAP and Nessus.

Performing vulnerability assessment tests to examine the patch releases.

Testing the performance of firewalls, intrusion detection systems,

and intrusion prevention systems.

Employing activities like hacking into wireless connections, hijacking servers, retrieving hijacked servers, and spying on vital network systems.

Aside from the above responsibilities, ethical hackers look forward to protecting the servers of various organizations. They ensure organizations respond to any type of log leak or vulnerability in systems early enough to prevent further damage from malicious hackers.

Skills you should look at to become an ethical hacker

There is a list of specialized skills and areas that an ethical hacker must be fully proficient in. Here is a list of the key skills that play an important role in fulfilling the role of an ethical hacker:

Spoofing and session hijacking

SQL injection

Modulating system attacks

Network traffic sniffing

Set up barriers against exploiting vulnerabilities in the systems

Password cracking

DNS spoofing

The above are some of the most common and must-have skills that could help you become a professional ethical hacker. It is really important that an ethical hacker is highly creative and thinks one step ahead of the malicious hackers in order to carry out their work with high efficiency.

How much can an ethical hacker make?

The average ethical hacker salary is much higher than other professionals in the same field because they are in demand by the organizations and there is a lack of professional and certified ethical hackers who can perform the given work with high competence. According to various trusted streams, the average CEH starting salary can range from $50,000 to $90,000 per year, which can be considered quite high for a newbie. In terms of pay, ethical hacking can be considered one of the best paying career options.

Is ethical hacking a good career option?

Judging by the salary scale and opportunities in this field, ethical hacking is quite a lucrative career option for any IT professional or aspirant out there. However, one must also consider the amount of preparation and hard work that comes with succeeding in the field. If you’re passionate enough and willing to commit to becoming a certified ethical hacker, the field awaits you with open arms.

Also, getting the CEH certification that gives you a professional label would require a lot of experience and knowledge to stand out from the crowd. However, once you are above all the exams and certifications, your creative thinking as well as your passion for cybersecurity alone can help you reach the pinnacle of your career with really big payouts and rewards. If you stick to the current requirement rate as well as the CEH salary currently being offered by the organizations, then this is the best time to delve into this field and earn the best rewards.


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