It’s Soulslike Galore at Gamescom 2021 with Project Relic, Soulstice and Dolmen


In view of the increasing popularity of the Soulslike genre, it is no wonder that no fewer than three titles from this subgenre of action RPGs were presented yesterday in the special episode of gamescom 2021 of the Future Games Show.

The newly announced game is Project Relic, which is being developed by South Korean indie developer Project Cloud Games. Developed by just nine developers, Project Relic (working title) is a Soulslike multiplayer action title targeting a release window in early 2023 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Wuchang: Fallen Feathers is another beautiful Chinese soul that you must check out

The others are games that we covered earlier, like Soulstice, a Soulslike game under development at Italian studio Reply Games. Soulstice aims to start in 2022 Pc, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X.

The balance of the Holy Kingdom of Keidas is jeopardized when powerful, ferocious creatures known as “Wraiths” invade from the other side of the veil and threaten to consume the living. Wraiths corrupt their victims and can even take possession of their bodies and turn into unstoppable monsters that hunt down the common people. The “chimeras”, hybrid warriors that emerged from the union of two souls, are the only ones who can protect humanity.

Briar and Lute are two sisters who were reborn as a chimera. The transformation has given Briar superhuman strength and resilience, while Lute, who was sacrificed to bind her soul to that of her sister, has become a spirit with mystical powers. Voiced by Stefanie Joosten (Metal Gear Solid 5), Briar and Lute are sent on a mission to retake a shattered city ravaged by the Wraiths, only to find out that the order they belong to has a much more complex plan in the making Makes sense.

Explore a dark world full of hidden secrets, master a varied combat system and inhabit the dual forces of two sisters in a coming-of-age fantasy story with fast-paced action, vicious enemies and breathtaking boss fights.

Last but not least, there’s Dolmen, a sci-fi soul-like that was originally funded on Kickstarter years ago. Dolmen, made by the Brazilian team at Massive Work Studio, is slated for next year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X and. debut Pc.

Dolmen is set in a science fiction universe where humanity has colonized multiple star systems using space technology and genetic manipulation to adapt to the conditions.

The Reviam system is far from the main inhabited area of ​​the galaxy, but it drew the attention of Zoan Corp. because it emitted a different radiation than other systems, which indicates the existence of other universes. There is only one planet in this system called Revion Prime.

Before the events, there was no evidence of the existence of other dimensions. The scientific and military interest behind this discovery could destabilize the existing political balance, but beyond that, research on Revion Prime also revealed the existence of an alien species called the Vahani; whose seeming job is to roam the universes and help other species evolve. Their interests are in the dark and it remains to be seen whether the emergence of Xeno species could have been influenced by them. The player must discover the secrets of Revion Prime and the dolmen crystals.

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