Jalen Rose attacks Jay Williams for being “hacked”


The embarrassment for former Duke basketball player and current ESPN analyst Jay Williams continues. Immediately after firing a flawed tweet about the Boston Celtics, Williams followed up with another bad social media post. He claimed he never posted the Celtics tweet. This second tweet was more damaging than the first as Williams was being mocked on all social media. Then Jalen Rose joined them.

Jay Williams was far away with his Boston Celtics tweet

On Wednesday, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Celtics are closing a deal to hire Brooklyn Nets assistant Ime Udoka as their next basketball coach. The announcement sparked a quick, embarrassing tweet from Williams’ verified account, which was quickly deleted. Williams wrote that Udoka was “the first colored head coach of @celtics … and more importantly … he’s a talented person who has contributed”.

Williams needed a lot of heat for the post. Not only was he wrong, he was so far away. The Celtics had five black coaches prior to hiring Udoka. Right, five. Doc Rivers, the current manager of the Philadelphia 76ers, is the youngest. ML Carr, KC Jones, Satch Sanders, and Bill Russell are the others.

Williams quickly removed the tweet, but he followed it up with another gem. “As for the Boston Celtics tweet that came from my account a few hours ago … I didn’t post that and my passcode has now been changed,” Williams wrote.

Jalen Rose shoots Jay Williams

Williams’ tweet attempting to describe what happened to his Celtics tweet exploded. He never used the word “hacked” but it implied when he said he needed to change his passcode. Williams quickly became a meme and the target of jokes. Rose then got into the action.

The ESPN crew collapsed the Atlanta Hawks’ angry win over the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Williams spoke about Rose being wrong with his previous analysis of the game. Williams raved about Hawk’s security guard Trae Young before Rose interrupted him.

“He’s that guy,” Williams said of Young to Rose. “I tried to tell my husband J. Rose, he kept getting excited about how well the Bucks were defensive. I said if they played drop coverage it would be a problem for the bucks. Before you talk, let me show you … “

“Well, I’ve been hacked,” said Rose, which made Wojnarowski and hostess Maria Taylor laugh.

Williams and Rose haven’t been looking good at ESPN lately

Three days later there is still talk of Williams’ Celtics tweet and the one about not posting. Had Williams admitted the mistake or said nothing about it, it would likely have subsided. Instead, it doesn’t look good for ESPN that their basketball analyst doesn’t know much about the Boston Celtics, and now many people consider him a liar.

Rose got himself into hot water when he said Kevin Love was a symbolic white on the US Olympic team. In his podcast Jalen & Jacoby, Rose made it clear that he felt that Love was on the team because the US didn’t want to go to the Olympics with an all-black team.

“Kevin Love is on the team for tokenism,” Rose said on the podcast. “Don’t be afraid to form an all-black team that represents the United States of America. I am disappointed with that. Anyone who’s seen the league this year knows that Kevin Love hasn’t had a great season, wasn’t the best player on his team, and didn’t necessarily deserve to be on that squad. “

Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion, but it just isn’t a good look for ESPN to involve races. Maybe someone hacked their podcast.

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