Kate Middleton and Williams’ clever window hack to prevent tourists from peeking into their gardens


A Tik Tok user discovered how Prince William and Kate Middleton subtly prevent people from looking into their gardens while touring Kensington Palace

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Kensington Palace may be home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – but it is also a top tourist attraction.

Visitors flock to the London Palace to tour its grand booths and see its ever-changing fascinating exhibits.

Of course, Kate and Williams’ private apartments in the palace in Apartment 1A are strictly closed to visitors.

But a Tik Tok user has discovered a very subtle way to ensure that no visitor to the palace can even take a peek into his private garden – some frosted windows.

Royal fan Laura-Ann Bar, whose Tik Tok name is @allthatspretty, shared a video showing the secret windows.

She wrote: “I’m on the Kensington Palace Tour!

“Check out the secret windows that make sure you can’t see into Kate & Will’s private garden on the right.

“You have it on all the windows in this room.”

William and Kate have only given glimpses of their house in Kensington Palace in the past, such as when Barack and Michelle Obama visited them – even though their bedrooms are strictly forbidden.

A Tik Tok user noticed the trick on the windows of Kensington Palace


@ allthatspretty / TikTok)

Parts of the windows are partially matted


@ allthatspretty / TikTok)

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However, they once did give a glimpse of what Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s bedrooms might look like.

During a visit to the Swedish National Museum of Architecture and Design in Stockholm in 2018, they announced they own some Ikea furniture.

William, Kate and Prince Harry in the drawing room of Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace with Barack and Michelle Obama


Getty Images)

Marcus Engman, the company’s chief designer, said they told him they had some of the company’s furniture for Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s own rooms.

Although it’s home to Cambridge, Kensington Palace is also home to the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke and Duchess of Kent, and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lived there too, at Nottingham Cottage, before moving to Windsor and then Canada and LA.

Regarding the Cambridge family home on True Royalty’s Royal Beat, royal author Christopher Warwick said: “It has 20 rooms from basement to attic, it’s not a small house.

“All of these royal residences at Kensington Palace are called apartments, which of course makes people think they are apartments like the American term for an apartment.

“They are not. If you think of Kensington Place, it is built around three courtyards. If you think of it that way, it’s these wonderful red brick townhouses.

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