Man accused of hacking his wife’s Facebook account


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Police on Friday opened a case against a forest officer who is divorcing his wife but deliberately hacked his wife’s Facebook account to follow and keep tabs on her. The case was registered at Bhanwarkuan Police Station.

The police said that a case had been registered against Oprakash Bidare on the complaint of his wife Sarika.

The victim complained to the police that his Facebook ID was hacked by an unknown person. Police launched an investigation into the case by tracking the IP address used to access the Facebook account. The IP address of the mobile phone used to access the Facebook account was found to belong to the defendant Oprakash.

Police said Sarika’s account was hacked on January 3 and she found out about it when she was unable to access the account. The accused also hacked her Gmail account.

Police said a police investigation revealed that after the suspect hacked the victim’s account, he improperly used it to send messages to her contacts. Also, the accused hacked the account to check the victim’s messages and keep an eye on them.

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Published on: Saturday March 5, 2022 06:06 AM IST


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