Massive anonymous hack from the right unmasked anti-Semites


A massive hacking operation on the web hosting company Epik, carried out by the hacktivist group Anonymous, released the data of 110,000 people, including Nazis and right-wing extremists. The Washington Post reported on Saturday.
Epik, the Washington-based domain registrar, is very popular with right-wing extremists and hosts websites such as the Texas GOP website and several anti-abortion websites such as Texas Right to Life and a website that allows Texas residents to anonymously “sniff” abortions according to independent journalist Steven Monacelli, who broke the news of the hack in early September.

The full names, addresses, credit card numbers, and unencrypted passwords of approximately 110,000 Epik users were leaked through the massive hack by Anonymous.

One of the users whose data was leaked was Joshua Alayon, a retired real estate agent based in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Anonymous’ hack exposed Alayon as an anti-Semitic Holocaust denier who once paid for domains like and After the hack, he was fired by his employers, the real estate news site reported Inman.

“We don’t want to be with anyone with thoughts or motives like this,” said Rick Rapp, owner of the brokerage firm that employed Alayon TWP.

Rally in support of US President Donald Trump at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem on January 6th (Photo credit: TERRAY SYLVESTER / REUTERS)

Additionally, one of the domains hacked was, a pro-Trump forum created to replace TheDonald, a forum that closed after the January 6th Capitol Riot.

Anonymous co-founder and security researcher Aubrey “Kirtaner” Cottle said TWP The hack was motivated by their frustration with Epik, which hosts many right-wing extremist websites in the name of “free speech”.

“Everyone is fed up with hatred,” said Cottle. “These far-right players play dirty. Nothing is out of bounds for them, “she said TWP.

In response, an epic spokesman said TWP that they “do not advocate or condone any particular ideology, and we are uncomfortable with calls to censor those who use our services.”

The spokesman added that the hack was “an outrageous violation of our users”.


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