Mom shares hack to avoid paying Disney kids ticket


A mom on TikTok shares her trick to cutting costs on a trip to Disney World – but not everyone is impressed with her actions.

in one Video, which has since racked up over 9 million views, the mother shared how she’s coping with Disney’s increased prices.

The TikToker put her child in a stroller to avoid Disney World ticket prices.

“When Disney ticket prices go up,” read the caption in the video.

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In the first clip you can see the mother pushing a pram in which her child is sitting. The stroller is best suited for an infant or a child under the age of three – Children under the age of three are admitted free to Disney World.

So when the mother whizzes past the staff, no one bats an eyelid.

Although we’re not sure how old the child actually is, another frame from the video shows the mother pulling the child out of the stroller. The child dressed as Cinderella is at least old enough to stand up on her own and carry a bag.

The mother’s comments were flooded with mixed reactions.

“My parents made me do this,” wrote one user.

“I support them…why not. And I don’t even have children. DO IT parents. Disney almost wants to charge an adult price for an infant/child. PFTT as if,” wrote another user.

Former Disney World cast members also share their thoughts on the viral video.

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“I’ve been working on the front gates, believe me we know we’re being told to just let it go,” said one.

Another mentioned that “they didn’t pay [ me ] enough to care so much.”

However, not all workers share this feeling.

“As someone who worked park entry at Disney World for years before becoming an HC pro, I would always stop them and get them to buy a ticket,” the user wrote.

Some people also agree that it’s about “morals and ethics” to pay your way to the most magical place on earth.

There’s no question that a Disney vacation is expensive.

For just a one-day parking pass, the price ranges from $109 (ages 10+) to $104 (ages 3-9).

This doesn’t even include a park hopper option that gives guests the freedom to go from one park to another in a single day, hotel expenses, and even the price of buying groceries and goods.

It also doesn’t include popular add-ons like the new Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane passes, which allow families to skip the line and tackle more rides on their vacation.

This also doesn’t reflect the price tag of holiday periods like Halloween and Christmas, when many families like to vacation.

This is a significant change from the ticket price of just 8 years ago; in February 2014 the entrance fee was only 99 US dollars.

A recent study by Time2Play found that 92.6% of Disney World enthusiasts believe the cost of a magical vacation is now prohibitive for the average American family.

Also, 66.9% felt they wouldn’t get the full Disney experience if they didn’t purchase the add-ons.

There is also the problem of the parking reservation system.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney has adjusted its park reservation system.

In addition to paying for your ticket, you must also make a reservation for the park. This means you can buy a ticket, forget to make a reservation and still be denied access.

Many have expressed frustration with the new system.

A Twitter user shared how they missed their restaurant reservations because there were no reservations available for Magic Kingdom.

The system is designed to help control crowds in response to the pandemic, but it seems it’s only driving away loyal Mickey enthusiasts.

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