Most of the people affected by an epic violation really don’t want their web activity to be published online



The leaked data from Web hosting Epik has reportedly started uncovering the double lives of many of its customers.

Hacktivist group Anonymous recently claimed Receiving and leaked 180 GB of data about Epik’s business and customers for his position, web hosting services for many prominent right-wing and controversial platforms such as Gab social media platform, Bitchute Video Sharing and the pro-Trump Patriots provide .win messaging board.

Aubrey “Kirtaner” Cottle, a security researcher and co-founder of Anonymous, said The Washington Post that the group’s actions were fueled by their frustration with epic as a haven for right-wing extremists.

“Everyone is fed up with hatred. There wasn’t enough pushback, and these far-right players play dirty. Nothing is out of reach for them. And now … the tide is turning, and a swell is moving back in their direction, ”argued Cottle, who did not shrink from it Confrontation with the CEO of Epik, Rob Monster over a video conference call last week.

Over 100,000 users affected

In a data breach report filed with the Maine Attorney General, Epik alleged that 110,000 people in the United States were affected by the hack.

Review of the leaked data, The post announces that in addition to personal data (PII) of customers, including their names and home addresses, the details also contain full credit card numbers, unencrypted passwords and other highly sensitive data.

The data has already revealed a Florida real estate agent as the owner of several hate and Holocaust denial portals, leading to his dismissal.

Heidi Beirich, a veteran tracking hate and extremism online, described the leaked data as the “mother of all data veins” and said further analysis will help shed light on the hidden ecosystem that powers extremist websites and organizations.

“Our longstanding policy of content neutrality has made our platform attractive to some in an increasingly polarized landscape. We do not endorse or condone any particular ideology and we are uncomfortable with calls to censor those who use our services, ”an Epic spokesperson said The post, and adds that right-policy affiliated domains account for less than 1% of its customers.

The post notes that while many website owners who trusted Epik to hide their identities were exposed by the hack, some others continue to remain anonymous as they have taken additional precautionary measures, such as: Cryptocurrency.

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