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Security teams need to be able to understand and properly test their company’s software assets. This means that the team must be familiar with the threats to their technology and select the services and solutions that are best suited to their particular circumstances.

Enso Security launches its new industry initiative AppSec Map with the Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) solution. Designed as an industry collaboration initiative by former security leaders at, this provides a live map of vendors and community projects related to application security.

The tool ranks and classifies various solutions and services available to AppSec teams today, and allows practitioners to easily explore the options available to them. The card includes commercial services and solutions, as well as open source tools and projects for all AppSec-related activities, such as security training, application security testing, and runtime detection and protection.

“In the age of digital transformation, more and more companies are relying on the resilience of their digital services. However, as we can all see in recent reports of bugs and incidents, an application security breach can put any organization’s business at risk, and AppSec teams are often outnumbered and inadequately resourced, “said Chen Gour Arie, co-founder and chief architect from Enso Security. “The SolarWinds Orion attack started with a tiny strip of code. A little test balloon to see if it is possible to change the SolarWinds signed and sealed software code The AppSec card will help prevent future hacks prevent us from empowering AppSec experts and enlarging our community. “

The AppSec community and vendors are also encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts on how to improve the map and submit their solutions so that the community can easily discover it. Please visit the AppSec map site for more information.

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