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AGARTALA: With the arrest of a lodge owner near Agartala Government Medical College and an employee of the Autonomous District Council administration, the number of people detained in connection with the escape of Turkish ATM hacker Hakan Zamburakan has increased to four .
Last week, police arrested Shakib Tripura, 23, from the Manubazar area of ​​southern Tripura, who allegedly removed Hakan from the hospital he fled to the Bangladesh border, and Sukhen Banik from Barjala, the Hakan met in prison.
The hut owner Badal Banik is said to have escorted Hakan from the hospital. ADC employee Renu Debbarma, a resident of the neighboring hamlet of Khowai in Manicherra and a surrendered fighter, had helped him cross the Indian-Bangladeshi border. However, police said more people were involved, from Hakan’s fellow prisoners to legal professionals and border guards.
According to police sources, Hakan apparently came into contact with Shakib through his relative, the feared criminal Swarna Tripura, who was being held in the same prison. Hakan, in consultation with some prison staff, had used a smartphone in the prison, which helped him plan his escape.
In addition to some business people, the police suspect the involvement of a lawyer and a clerk who allegedly arranged huge sums of money to help Hakan escape. “We are in the process of issuing an international warning against Hakan,” said one police officer.
The sources said Hakan, 54, escaped through a window of the toilet, taking advantage of lax security in the hospital. About half an hour later, the security staff accompanying him noticed his absence from the clinic and sounded the alarm.


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