NVIDIA Blows Back At Hackers By Encrypting 1TB Of Stolen Data And Successfully Unlocking Their Systems


Yesterday’s cyberwar attack on NVIDIA appears to have been initiated by a group of hackers based in South America, according to an underground group. Vx underground.

NVIDIA countered hackers by encrypting its stolen data and installing malware on hackers’ machines

Vx-Underground claims that LAPSU$, an extortionist group operating out of South America, claims responsibility for the cyberwar attack that infiltrated NVIDIA’s servers a few days ago. It is claimed that over 1TB of NVIDIA’s proprietary data was exfiltrated, but NVIDIA responded quickly and successfully managed to break through the hackers with its own response.

NVIDIA has been hit by a major cyberattack that may have “compromised” parts of its business

The same group claims that NVIDIA performed a hackback by not only encrypting all the stolen data, but attacking the hackers with ransomware. The ransomware is said to be installed on the private machine used by the hackers, but they were able to back up the files (which is a rumor at the moment).

An $NVDA spokesman said: “We are investigating an incident. We have no further information to share at this time.”

About the telegraph

Once again, based on the previous report from The Telegraph, it was determined that the hackers were able to access NVIDIA’s mailing servers, which is why the system became unresponsive for the past few days and they were also “allegedly” able to install malware on NVIDIA’s software distribution servers. The only response from NVIDIA so far has been that they are currently investigating the true nature of this attack, but in any case, this appears to be a case where hackers are getting their own dose. You can see images from the hacking group below claiming that NVIDIA are criminals because they installed ransomware on their computers while they were the ones who carried out the attack and stole confidential files in the first place:

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