Patrick Dempsey is flying to the Devils premiere in Italy after filming Disenchanted in New York


Patrick Dempsey looking sharp in his pair of gray suits for the start of the second season of Diavoliwhich took place on Thursday (April 7th) at The Space Odeon in Milan, Italy.

The 56-year-old actor joined co-stars Alessandro Borghi for the event leading up to the official US premiere of the new season.

If you don’t know Diavolior Devilis set in 2011 and follows Massimo Ruggero (borghi), the charismatic but ruthless Head of Trading at American New York – London Bank (NYL), one of the world’s most important investment banks. His mentor and father figure is NYL CEO Dominic Morgan (Dempsey).

After a scandal, Dominic appoints another colleague as Vice CEO instead of Massimo. Convinced the scandal was staged, Massimo investigates and then finds himself the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

With the help of his squad and a group of hacktivists, Massimo struggles to clear his name and becomes embroiled in an intercontinental financial war.

Devil will debut on The CW on Thursday, June 30.

Just a few days before the press dates in Italy, Patrick was spotted filming Disenchanted with Amy Adams in New York City!

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