Persistent blackout cripples major Turkish lender Akbank


One of Turkey’s largest banks, Akbank, has collapsed and out of service since Tuesday, so its customers can no longer access their accounts.

Until Wednesday noon, users were still unable to carry out their transactions or access the bank’s digital banking system.

Akbank is the seventh largest bank in Turkey and the fourth largest private lender by assets, which reached TL 446 billion (around $ 51.4 billion) at the end of 2020, up from TL 360 billion in 2019.

The shutdown sparked rumors of a possible cyberattack, but the bank dismissed the claims and publicly apologized.

“There are no security holes. Our related units are working to solve the problem, ”it said on Twitter.

“The failures due to technical problems in the main computer of our bank are continuing. Efforts to resolve the problem continue. Our customers can access the precautions we have taken from our website, ”she added.

Many of his clients used social media to express their frustration at failure.

On its website, Akbank announced that customers’ scheduled payments to the bank have been delayed by a day and that there will be no late payment interest for those who cannot make their payments due to the failure.

The international hacktivist group Anonymous, meanwhile, said it did not hack Akbank.

The outage reflected a cyber attack in December 2016 when hackers targeted Akbank via the global money transfer system SWIFT.

The bank stated that the attack had no compromised customer data, but cost up to $ 4 million (TL 34.71 million).


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